10 easy ways to boost a mother’s immune system

Sofie with Mommy Lola

For mommies like us, a happy and a healthy lifestyle is a must. We meet the everyday challenges of work, house chores, our children’s needs, and (if we’re lucky) our husband’s demands too. These are some of the reasons why we should lookout to keep ourselves in top shape, and help provide our immune system with a constant boost. I would like to share with you a few tips I’ve learned from experience, and from mommy friends, on how to keep ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

1. Have enough rest and sleep.
The best and probably the most important. You can’t function at your best when you are always feeling tired and sleepless. Have at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. Turn your lights off by 10 pm if you want yourself to be fully rested.

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