There’s a bug in that lolli!


Are you a foodie? Or more like… fond of eating sweets? Yes? Well today is your lucky day! I would like to show you a very interesting confection that you might want to try, it’s the only one of its kind and can only be purchased in some parts of the U.S. or online (at
Featuring… the stomach turning, sweet in the outside, crunchy in the inside Hotlix Lollipops!


…… or I am the last to know?
I’m not being paid for this okay, I just find it really interesting!
It has flavors like
Green Apple
Strawberry and

I watched some reviews from the YouTube and you can click the link above if you’re really curious

So watcha think guys?
I’ll let you know my verdict once I get hold of one. (but I would rather display it so my kids can see… their obsession for sweets is really bad)

My brother said it’s fine… he gave it a two-out-of-five stars.


And what’s more, they also have chocolate dipped insects, cheddar cheese larvets, sour cream and onion crickets- these crazy sweets have been around for almost 25 years! Check out their website ( to know more, they have weird non-insect sweets too.

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thanks also to Xan and Ric, I’m no longer the last to know 🙂