Making memories together

When was the last time you talked to your parents?

I was fortunate to be with my dad for almost 11 years. The paternal figure position was taken over by my mommy, when my father passed away.

Having found a man with similar characteristics as my father was a well-timed twist of fate. My husband helped me remember a few things about him which I was about to forget.

Every time my husband comes home from work, our house becomes alive again. The little ones are excited to get on daddy’s lap, to wrestle, to sing and to tell stories about their adventures for the day. Subconsciously, they were making memories together.  This moment of togetherness reminded me of how my daddy cuddled us when we were young. And it felt good to remember.

Now, I understand why old folks try to fit in. At first, I thought they try too hard but I came to realize that it is not like that. They wanted to be involved with their children because they were making memories. So when the time comes, heaven forbid, their children would have good memories of their own heroes.  Remembering the laughter, the giggles, the happy voices, the hugs and the kisses they have shared together, bringing them back to their own happy place.

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