Story time tip


Children, especially young ones, love to hear bedtime stories. It fuels their minds and opens up their imagination to places and things they have never known.  It’s a wonderful experience for a child.

And making it more special is when they have mom or dad to tell them the stories, and share with them the adventures.

Though as parents, juggling between work, and chores and all the other things in between could be very tiring. There are times that we have to admit, that we do run out of energy, so we stumbled upon an alternative way for a more relaxing story time.

We’ve recorded our voices while telling our children’s favorite stories. Just our natural “story-telling” voice so it would seem as if we’re reading aloud the storybook ourselves. Sometimes, we’d also make up stories involving some of their favorite characters, and they would even pitch in their own ideas on how the story should go.  It’s amazing at times when we hear how they direct the flow of the story, and they find it funny and exciting too.  Well of course, nothing beats telling the story yourself, but it does help a lot when we’re already very tired and just want to snuggle down with our kids. 

You can try this too if you’d like… your kids would surely love listening to your voice. And even when you’re at work and not around yet by bedtime, they would still feel the comfort and hear the warmth of your voice, before they fall asleep.  

Happy story time!

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