Friends forever

The school holidays have started here in Singapore and my children are finding ways to keep themselves busy. One afternoon, my eldest son asked me,

“Mommy did you stop growing already?”
It was a sudden question so I surprisingly answered…
“I guess so…”
He asked me again,
“How about your classmates, did they stop growing too?”
After a moment, I realized that he was thinking of his classmates.
My son misses his friends in school, and it was a nice thought. This made me remember my old friends as well, and how they might be doing.
I have made a few friends. Some I still keep in touch with, some I totally lost connection to, and some thanks to the social network, I have reconnected with again.  
It was a great feeling as I recall how these friendships started. These friends of mine kept me company whenever I felt sad or alone, or got embarrassed, and also when I’m happy and excited, and wanted to share new things. Just by simply being there to play with until we have nothing else to do was a nice memory. Back then I thought friendships were easy to have and maintain, but as I grew older, i also lost touch with some of these special people.
I turned to my son and daughter and asked them,
“Why is having friends important to you?”

They replied in an instant…

“Because they play with me and they talk to me.”


“Because they are always happy to see me.”

It is true, plain and simple.  Even now that we are old, we take time to have chats with our friends, and share bits and pieces of our lives. We invite them to be around during our time of recreation and celebrations, because we enjoy each other’s company. 
Life is definitely much more colorful having your friends around. And even though we may sometimes have disagreements, with each of us having our own shortcomings, real friends would still understand and accept us. And these people are true blessings in our lives which we should keep and treasure.


To all of us, friendship matters. Building friendship is easy; cultivating it takes time and effort. But it is all worth it in the end. Friendship gives us happiness in return.

How about you? Have you lost touch with a friend? Take time to reconnect, they might be waiting to hear from you.


credits to

Ms. Kezia Hartono

Ms. Ting Ting

Ms. Mabel Legarte Dela Cruz

Ms. Anne Kristine La Madrid

Mrs. Chan and Ms. Huda of PCF Tampines 262 Marigold class 2011

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