“Something about Mary…”

Me and my three kids just came back from school on a typical weekday, and were having our afternoon snack.  We seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet since we were all a bit tired and hungry already at the time.  When all of a sudden, my youngest son, a 3-year-old, broke the silence and loudly asked me…

“Mom, can I have a little lamb?”

“What?” I replied, as I was not sure if I heard him right.my little lamb

His big sister seemed to understand what he was talking about. She started laughing while she tried to respond to her younger brother’s question…

“Zack, you cannot have a little lamb here…”

Zack didn’t answer back and we resumed eating, it was all quiet again.  Then, when I took notice of my little boy, he was sitting silently looking crossed.  His eyebrows were together and his mouth was slightly pouting.  Then that I heard his little voice saying to himself…

“When I grow up, I will be a farmer… and I will get a little lamb!”

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