Satisfied with two million

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero Marc BrownHaving two sons, it’s been a common scenario in our house to see them playing a bit roughly. My daughter, Sofie, would sometimes join along, and play like this with her brothers. One day, Sofie got carried away herself, accidentally hitting her big brother -Ethan. He stopped playing, went straight to the room and shut the door. I was sitting nearby when it happened, so I listened and waited for Sofie’s next move. She followed her big brother inside the room and this was what I heard:

Sofie: “I’m sorry Kuya (big brother), but we we’re just playing…”

Ethan, sounding hesitant replied: “Okay , but next time, you don’t do that ha?”

Sofie answered happily: ” I love you two hundred times!”

Ethan: “Two hundred?… that’s small”

Sofie: “I love you two million!”

Ethan did not say a word, and they both went back out to the living room to play.

Kids… life is much simpler when we’re like them.

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