A birthday poem for mommy

wisdom, strength and loveThis is a birthday poem from my three precious children…and was beautifully written by their dad.

 To our dearest mommy,

Thank you for your unending love
You’re treasured to the skies above

Our promise for today we’ll keep

To be behaved and help you sweepsofie made a birthday cake for me

And pray, eat fast, our teeth, we’ll brush
You just relax no need to rush

And since this is your special day

We’ll keep you happy, we’ll laugh and play

We love you big and all day through

You’ll hear us sing “Happy Birthday To You”

Love, Ethan, Sofie and Zack



with the love of my life





I can’t help smiling as I read ‘til the end; thank you Daddy for inspiring me to become a better parent to our children.




And to Ethan, Sofie and Zack-mom and zack

I promise to keep you happy; I’ll be by your side,

In every thunder, I’ll be there, my arms are open wide.


I promise to be more patient, your tantrums I won’t ignore,

I promise to understand you, when you whine and bang the door.


I’ll make your favorite pancakes or buy you waffles too,

I’ll give you fruit and veggies; and make sure you bite and chew.

 our mini beach party

I’ll make sand castles for you, or build a truck or tent,

Play bowling or Barbie dolls, our time will be well spent.


I’ll sing you guys some lullabies, and watch you while you sleep,

Or tell you beautiful stories, that in my heart I keep. 


camp inI promise to always guide you, that’s how much you mean to me…

I promise to give my children, good things with joy and glee.



Each day I thank the Lord above, he made me rich once more

I promise to keep these promises, for treasures I adore.





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