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goofing around the christmas treeA lot of times in our day to day lives, we are preoccupied with a lot of things that we need to get done.  We’re “busy”, and at times, stressed.  But whenever you feel that you’re getting tired, stop for a while, take a breather and look around you.  You will find entertaining and sometimes funny things that would help you relax a bit.

I am sharing with you my daily dose of laughter.  A few things that I’ve heard, and overheard, from my kids that made me smile.


Just after dinner, I asked my son Zack –

Mom: Why didn’t you drink your water?

Zack: Oh, because I drink my water yesterday, remember?


On a weekday just before the kids’ afternoon nap…

Mom: Ok, guys, time to go to sleep.

Sofie: Yes mommy.  But later, can I wake up?




While watching a video on the mobile phone, Ethan gets excited…

Ethan: Zacki, Zacki!  Will you please open the door I want to show you something!

Zack:  Kuya (big brother)…I’m poo-ing!”

Ethan: Ahh…It’s okay… I’ll just hold my breath!


I scolded Zack one time for not behaving, and after we made amends, this is what he had to say to…

Be a good girl okay?…

Promise not to be angry at me…

…okay Mommy? Deal?”


One morning as I was teaching my son about his current news report:

Ethan: Mommy what is this M.O.E.?

Mom: That means “Ministry of Education”

Ethan: Minis… what?…  Minis-tration?


My observant little girl when she had chicken pox –

Sofie: “Mommy, why can’t I see eggs on chicken spots?”


One evening, before going to bed, I saw my youngest son waving the remote control of the air-conditioner trying to draw something, I was a bit puzzled.  And then he shouted “Go, Go, Power Ranger Samurai!” after which, he presses the ON button, turned around to me and smiled.


Do you hear these amusing insights from your kids too?  camp out


Share it with us  🙂



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