“Being a MOTHER…”

The world needs good moms.  My husband has always said –  “The number of good people is directly proportional to the number of good parents.”  And while the father figure is usually the protector and disciplinarian of the children, it is from mothers that they first feel unconditional love, sincere care and the compassion that they would nurture and carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives.  For these blessings, we thank all the wonderful mothers everywhere, who make our world a better place, one family at a time.

And as the celebrated day for honoring mothers is just around the corner, let us take the time to hear it straight from them, what it truly means to be a “Mom”.  Here are the thoughts of some of the numerous lovely moms, whom we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. 



Mommy Linda with Ryan and Allan Tizon

Mommy Linda with Ryan and Allan Tizon, PH

Being a mother to me is everything. It means loving my two boys unconditionally, giving them both my utmost respect and trust. I have seen, as they grow older, that they have personalities of their own, so I’ve prepared myself for any changes in our relationship. I thought of building such a relationship according to ‘my’ plan, but I’ve seen that it’s not doable. Our paths may divide and what I thought at first was the right direction might be wrong… so I let them go and discover their paths on their own.  I allowed them to make their own mistakes, and also reap and experience their own triumphs.  Eventually, I just realized each one of us is now closer to each other, and our bond of love and respect has grown stronger. My life as a mother has been full of tears…tears of sadness and tears of happiness.  I cried at my children’s wins and successes, and I cried much harder over their disappointments and failures. I let them keep and savor their wins to themselves, BUT I CLAIMED AND KEPT TO MYSELF all of their sadness and failures, and treated such as my own.

Thanks for asking this question, because at this very moment, I am shedding my tears just thinking and realizing about how magnificent my DEAREST Allan and Ryan have become, and how proud I am, knowing these two young boys are mine.


Mommy Leslie with Paulo, Joshua and Daddy Carlo Resultay

Mommy Leslie with Paulo, Joshua and Daddy Carlo Resultay, SG

“Being a mother is a gift and privilege from God and it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened in my life.  When my children were born, I too, experienced rebirth.  They say mothers are the best teachers… I say children are.  My children taught me how to be more loving, caring, patient, forgiving, responsible, hopeful, prayerful and generous… They are my greatest teachers.”


Mommy JoAnalyn with Asher and Jadon Hodet

Mommy JoAnalyn Ocaso Hodet with Asher and Jadon, MI, USA

I believe being a mother has the strongest power for good next to God. Just think of the huge influence that we have on the lives of our children. We either build or break their future. It changed me in ways I never thought it could. It drove me to my knees more, to ask God to help refine and mold me to be the best I can be for my boys.  It is the most humbling experience I’ve ever had.  It made me think less of myself to nurture the precious children God has entrusted me with. I have never felt so much love to share! It means less sleep but plenty of sweet smiles and giggles, a tired body from the daily demands but zillions of hugs from the tiny hands, numerous “I love you-s” from the kissable lips, and many frantic attempts to slow down time to have more memories with them. Being a mother means more than anything in this world to me, and I love every bit of it to pieces. I am so blessed! I will never forget the countless times they’ve hugged me, showered me with kisses, and told me that I am the best mommy in the world… at least in their own little eyes.  Money can’t buy that! It’s the highest-paid “job” in the world.


Mommy Kezia with Joel and Janelle Hartono Djayaputra

Mommy Kezia with Joel and Janelle Hartono Djayaputra, SG

As for me, being a mother is the greatest blessing and the most important and awesome task in life.  We have the honor from God to nurture, love, and build the right foundation in our children’s lives.  They are gifts from God, so being a mother is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.


Mommy Kaye with Sebastien and Baby Megan Hipolito

 Mommy Kaye with Sebastien and baby Megan Hipolito, CA

Being a mother is more than just giving birth to a child. She is a woman who cares, and nurtures, and
protects her child. She is a teacher, disciplinarian, judge, personal driver, and a creative chef to picky eaters. She is someone who cries with her child; someone who looks for the smallest Lego piece in the middle of a chaotic mountain of toys, books and clothes; and someone who has the loudest voice in the bleachers when her child hits a homerun. Really, it is a 24/7 profession for 365 days a year with no monetary reward; just hugs and kisses and “I love you-s”… Which could later on will be doors shut in front of your face, “I hate you-s and “I-can’t-wait-to-get-out-of-here” dramas. And let’s not forget, being a Nanny to your grandchildren.

It’s a never-ending, non-compensation career being a ‘Nanay’. A mother will always be a mother until she closes her eyes to be with her Maker.



Mummy Ting with baby Charlie and Kate Lee

 Mommy Ting with Baby Charlie and Kate Lee, SG

Being a mum means… resisting the urge to help them button up their shirts when they tell you they can do it themselves, panicking inside when they say they can sleep on their own now, hoping the answers you gave to their question is right and occasionally wondering if you’re teaching them the right things. But then you realize, it’s to always be there for them… a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a calming touch, a shelter from the storm, and the person they see whenever they turn around.



Mommy Pia with Baby Edelmira, Earvin and Eunice Pajarillo

Mommy Pia with with Baby Edelmira, Earvin, and Eunice Pajarillo, SG

Being a mother to me is having your heart multiplied by 3, and discovering your ordinary strength rise to extraordinary power.


Mommy Lourdes with Joy, Rachelle, Carlo and Daddy Mamerto Rodriguez

Mommy Lourdes with Joy, Rachelle, Carlo and Daddy Mamerto Rodriguez, PH

Being a mother to me is a vocation, a noble (if not the noblest) one at that.   It is not an easy task though.  Something that is not learned from school, rather, it is a continuous learning through my day to day interaction with my children, from childhood, up to this time that they have grown up and have had families of their own.

For me motherhood is an endless struggle of self-giving, a dying to one’s self for the sake of the children I dearly love — unconditionally.

I believe it is in this vocation that the Good Lord has called me, so I want to be good at that.


Mommy Marge Bodino with Baby Meg

 Mommy Marge Bodino and Baby Meg, PH

Being a mother is having the most wonderful gift anyone could ever have– for me that is my daughter Meg. I get to smother her with kisses every day, give her tight hugs even while she’s asleep, smell her “kili-kili” (armpits) even if it’s all sweaty, care for her all night especially when she’s sick yet still have the energy to go on the next day just to make sure she’s okay.  And where in the world could you find someone who sits with her butt flat right on your face, yet you both laugh together. These things are priceless, and these are the best rewards and the best things about being a mother. I won’t mention all the sacrifices I’ve done for my daughter because they’re nothing compared to the sweetest smile that I see on her face everyday… again, priceless. Needless to say, being a mother is having the gift to love my daughter who loves me back, unconditionally. (I was raised right by my own mother as well)


Mommy Pearl with Dylan Rondon

 Mommy Pearl with Dylan Rondon, SG

Mom – A beautiful person who loves and cares for others more than herself. She is an epitome of grace, a wonderful, great, and fun being, inside and out.


Mommy Mabel with Daddy Con, Kane and Baby Kayla Dela Cruz

Mommy Mabel with Daddy Con, Kane and Baby Kayla, SG

Being a mom for me, is all about loving unconditionally, caring enough, keeping it real, being silently strong yet staying playful and fun. It is about giving, receiving, and sharing. It is about teaching your kids and learning from them too. More than anything, motherhood has been a constant exhilarating, heart melting and at the same time, hair pulling experience. My two kids are daily reminders of God’s wonderful presence. He has blessed our family with these two little people who have literally brought out the best and worst in me. Kane and Kayla


Mommy Sally and Matty Galang 

Mommy Sally with Baby Matty Galang, SG

A mother is like an award-winning versatile actor who does all the roles for her kids, be it a father, a sibling, a friend, a playmate, a nanny, the list goes on; and she does this with all her heart 24/7, without asking for any compensation.


Mommy Cherry with Christelle Kaye, Kurt Lowell and Kyle Cedric Tizon

Mommy Cherry with Christelle Kaye, Kurt Lowell and Kyle Cedric Tizon,  PH

Being a mom is one of the most challenging periods in the life of a woman, but it’s the most precious gift of life… especially when you are blessed with kids to raise. This is the point where we come to realize a “Sense of Fulfillment”. I love being a mother… I love being a mother because it gives my life more meaning.


Mommy Marilou with Damian and Katie Bombardieri

Mommy Marilou with Damian and Katie Bombardieri, AU

I love being a mother because of the joy I get from my kids, the unconditional love they show, their honesty (my son telling me that I should wear make-up so I’ll look even more beautiful when I pick him up at school when he was 5… this was 5 years ago).  The stories that they tell me whether it’s their imagination or a deadline that is due the next day. What I love the most is the kisses at night time, the tight hugs, and telling me how much they love me.


Mommy Anne Kristine with Jett and Jared Lamadrid

Mommy Anne Kristine with Baby Jett and Jared Lamadrid, SG

For me, being a mom is like reaching into a jar of sour and sweet gummies, blindfolded.  You will never know what you’re gonna get, but you will love each and every bit of it.  Just like how it is with my 2 wonderful kids… we embrace and cherish each and every moment of our own “sour and sweets.”



Mommy Yeti and Baby Gavril Yumiko Naturali

Mommy Yeti and Baby Gavril Yumiko Natural, SG

Being a mother is the best opportunity life has given me. And I’ll be forever grateful for that.


Mommy Julie with Ice Barrion

Mommy Julie with Ice Barrion, SG

Being a mother is being a better person for your child.


Katrina Barzaga Kiunisala

Mommy Katrina with Baby Kallie and Kirstin Kiunisala, SG

Being a mother is having the ability to love unconditionally – your children are above anyone & anything else.


Mommy Nicolette and Reese Niguel Quero

Mommy Nicolette with Baby Reese Niguel Quero, PH

Being a mother is a learning process. You will learn to be a good example to your children. You will learn to appreciate and value the little things. It has its ups and downs but the best result it brings is the feeling of being loved by your child. I love being a mom and would treasure it for the rest of my life!


Mommy Malou with Joshua, Melvin Jay, and Mary Joy Tizon

Mommy Malou with Joshua, Melvin Jay, and Mary Joy Tizon, PH

Being a mother is being able to raise your children to be responsible and caring individuals… Despite being tired, and overstressed, it’s all worth it in the end”


Mommy Liza with Lianne, Julie, John and Daddy Odie Quitoriano

Mommy Liza with Lianne, Julie, John and Daddy Odie Quitoriano, CA

Being a mother is an endless task, very sacrificing but always the most rewarding job ever.  A mother is a selfless, loving person who is willing to sacrifice everything they want, or they have, for the need of their children.  A mother is a protector, disciplinarian, teacher and a friend. A mother works hard to make sure that her children are equipped with knowledge to face the world and that they are molded to what God has intended them to become.  We don’t own our children; we have been given the privilege to mold an individual to become the best person he or she can become.  A mother is patient and loves unconditionally. Our patience has been tested since day 1 when we carried our first child until the time when they become grownups and have their own family. We never stop being a mother just because our children already have their own lives. We will always be here for them no matter what, whatever happens and wherever they are.  The love of a mother will never fade away, but instead becomes deeper and wider as years go by. I am a proud mother to my three precious children, and also a mother to all whom the Lord Jesus Christ has given to me to disciple, train and love.


Mommy Joy Picar Usana with Baby Mhyrad Joy

Mommy Joy Picar Usana with Baby Mhyrad Joy, PH

Being a mother is not just about giving birth to another human being… she is the one that steps up and cares for that human being through the good and the bad.
Being a mother is not just about what you gave up for a child, but what you gained from having one.
There are times, I miss the perks of being single. But having a child of my own has given my life more meaning and direction than before.



Mommy Toots with Daddy Roland, Zack, Kevin, Bianca, Sofia, Ethan, Ken and Paula Nicolas

Mommy Toots with Daddy Roland, Zack, Kevin, Bianca, Sofia, Ethan, Ken and Paula Nicolas

 “Being a mother entails a multi-faceted task.  But it is a noble and most rewarding task wherein love and joy are the rewards we reap.  A mother’s love is unconditional and selfless.  She puts her needs aside to give priority to her children’s needs and feelings.  A mother is a child’s teacher and friend, someone who guides, someone who listens and understands, someone who wipes away her child’s tears, encourages their unsure heart, fills their spirit with confidence, loves them regardless of their faults, and stands by them throughout the years.  A Mother’s love is so many things, but one thing is for sure: A MOTHER’S LOVE IS SPECIAL, and even when her kids are grown-ups, or have families of their own, they will still be the same babies that she cherished and carried lovingly in her arms.”


 As I read these wonderful thoughts, I am glad to know that regardless of race, religion and status in life, most mothers share the exact same sentiments of motherhood. As my mother would put it, “I love being a mom, no regrets… and whatever happens, we hang in there, with God’s help, we do the best that we can, because we want what is best for our children.”

Make way for more heartwarming thoughts from mommies around the world tomorrow, twelfth of May, Mothers’ Day 🙂


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