A voice straight from a mother’s heart

Concluding the month of May – the month for  mommies around the world, let me interest you with a heart-warming article from a fascinating woman who gave up her medical career in exchange for a simple yet a life full of love and never-ending challenges of being a mother, 24 by 7.

Dr. Talat Fatima with children Rushan and Sidrah Anwar


“Mom,” “Maa,” “Amma,” “Mother” and so on…

The first word a child speaks all over the world. Just by uttering the word “mom,” I go down memory lane laced with emotions, experiences and of course the life when I was a child- the days I spent with my own mother.

Being blessed with two lovely children, a boy and a girl, I feel extremely thankful to “God” and to them for giving me the honor to be their mother.

When my son was born, I was being taken away to a new world. Everything was new to me and it was amazing too… It really took me some months to realize that I am the mother of this little baby.  Usually, I gazed at him during night time while he was a sleep.

That was the time when I turned to my mother, for her expert advice in raising a baby. While talking and listening to her, I then realized the efforts (minute by minute) taken in by a mother. The love, the care, the anger, the frustration, all moved infront of my eyes like a movie.

After some years, I was blessed again by a daughter. Days passed on, the years and my son grew up and so did my work, responsibilities and my abilities to handle my two children.

As he grew up, he has developed his own nature, and has shown different likings, different tastes and choices… and why not? Obviously he had a different personality.

At times I had to sit back and think where am I going wrong and where I have to mend my ways to deal with him, if I was not succeeding through one way I have to find another to approach my goal.  (After all I have to hone his personality overall)

Though all the mothers are occupied by day to day work from breakfast to dinner, organizing a home to shopping for home, helping kids with school works, to encourage them to participate in other activities, appreciating all those things I personally feel that mothers have a great responsibility on their shoulders.

They are nurturing life, a generation, making their foundation strong, inculcating good values and making them ready to face and move in this world.

Occupied by all this things, I hardly find time and have to steal some precious and cozy moments with my husband, be it the early morning tea or the late night talks, hand in hand, under the open sky with the twinkling stars and the cool breeze and a drink of course. I’ll cherish these beautiful moments until I die.

In these thirteen years of married life, after giving so much time to the family, I desperately want to spend some quality time with myself… Life is taking its course and the key is to mould yourself according to its curves and ups and downs.

Personally I think each and everything has two options, either to be happy or to be sad. And I always choose the first one… be happy and make others life be happy too.

I am enjoying the course of life, take care of my kids and giving them 100 percent of what I can, and the rest, I am leaving to God.

Ups and downs come in life, angers and frustrations overpower me and make me sad, but at the end of the day, when my son and daughter says, “Mom I Love You”, all I need to hear has been said. I can see an ocean of love, the glistening spark and the thank-giving gesture in their eyes.  I get an overjoyed feeling of satisfaction somewhere in the corner of my heart, and all my tiredness, anger and frustration are wiped out.

Motherhood, in my opinion has a vast meaning, with stretched boundaries and much more than what we usually think of.
Though being celebrated on a particular day, each and every day is a Mothers’ day… 365 days a year, 7 days a week.
This is the path I chose to take, and every morning, I look at the shining sun and feel a freshness and change in myself once again, for all the things that I have to do, with of course, a big smile on my face.


–  Talat Fatima Anwar , a loving mom to Sidrah and Rushaan, and a dedicated wife to Shamim

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