We are difficult to discourage yet we always have a heart for drama. We are audacious but peace-loving. Especially for mothers like us, we are also known for our lasting patience and tolerance. But when we are ANGERED, and could not contain it any longer, that’s another story.
Okay let’s face it, we also have one of those days when our ANGER goes out of hand. This is my fear as a mother and I sometimes fail in that aspect. Experts says that it is normal. But when it is becoming a routine, it’s about time you seek help and try to adapt anger management. Let me share with you some of the helpful tips I’ve learned on how to manage your anger.
1. BE AWARE OF THE SIGNS that you are getting angry.
– when your heart is pounding
– you feel like your eyes are rolling as you speak or
– your sight is no longer clear or getting dim
– your stern voice is becoming louder as you talk
   you have to stop right there and
2. KEEP CALM. This always works. It stops you from being destructive and prevents you from retaliation. I always picture myself as PO (you got the right , the Kung Fu Panda) finding his inner peace.
   – I think of my happy thoughts to keep me calm. Or:
   – you may go to the bathroom, wash your face to clear out your mind
In school. my children were also being taught on how to handle anger by keeping calm through
– counting one to ten whenever they feel like shouting or they
– sit down for a while and take a deep breath
– a glass of water may also help you pacify a little
3. ACCEPT THE FEELING AND TALK TO THE PERSON. There’s no better way than being honest with your feelings towards that person who causes you trouble. Be brave to tell him/her and explain what made you angry. Be fair and listen to his explanation (there’s always another side of the story).
Past is past. You are killing yourself if you are harboring ill feelings until now. Be mature to move on. Learn from your experience.
When you are fortunate enough to be a mom, talk to your kids, and tell them how you feel. That’s what I’ve learned to do. You can pick up a lot of words of encouragement and wisdom from them and sometimes help you forget.
How about you? Is there a particular thing you do when you’re feeling angry?  Leave your comments and help an angry person. 🙂
Photo credit: Ms. Nazareth Usana