Singapore: The Three Great Gardens in the Heart of the City

Aside from the USS, Singapore Zoo, and the Sentosa Island, there are a lot more places in SG that are worthy of a visit, if you’d fancy a stroll.  You need not go far and commute too much, since SG has one of the easiest and most tourist friendly transportation systems in Asia.  Allow me to introduce to you three great gardens that can be found in the heart of this exciting city.



This has always been on top of my list.  I’m always amazed by the innovative ideas Singapore has to offer, and one of it was strategically placing 11 “Super Trees” in the city, which is both beautiful and has an environmentally sustainable function.  These artificial giant trees has solar panels on top, gathers solar energy, and helps to power up the recycling facility underneath the park.  For adventure seekers, you can also have a different view of this garden by taking the canopy walk which goes from one tree to another.  A bridge walkway 128 metres long and 28 metres high, can captivate you with a nice overview of the park and its surroundings, and the display of lights during the night is also a sight to behold.  In case you get bored, get ready for a different kind of shopping and dining adventure at the Marina Bay Sands, just located across the gardens.




I had happy memories at Fort Canning Park.  I brought my children here one time to a dear friend’s birthday party in one of the park’s beautiful halls, and aside from that, we had the chance to take a look around a fabulous sanctuary… its spice garden was relaxing, and the luscious open space is inviting for picnic lovers too.  At one time, my hubby and I have also attended an open-field movie date night here, and it was simply amazing.  To get here, just alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, and you’ll be on your way.  And when you’re done with a picnic date and find yourself looking for some clubbing experiences, just near the park is Clark Quay, the most happening place in Singapore during the night.







Another beautiful and unforgettable park for my children are the Botanic Gardens.  In this place, my kids got to experience to walk inside a mini tropical rainforest.  And imagine how big their eyes were when they saw a monitor lizard (‘bayawak’ in Filipino) just walking around.  The swans on the lake were also a sight to behold and they were pretty friendly too.  There are lots of different fishes in the large pond, and I’ve also learned that this garden is home to about a thousand species of orchids.  Walking through the alley of trees made us feel like we were in the movies. Soon-to-be-married couples often take advantage of the picturesque view for Pre-nuptial photo opportunities.

I’m sure you and your children will enjoy going to places like these, but make sure you keep an eye on your children at all times.  Tell them the name of the plants and trees that you will encounter (don’t worry, most of them are labeled), and explain to your kids how important trees and our natural environment are in our lives.
I would also recommend these places to couples who would like to have a peaceful and relaxing quality time together.

How about you, which places would you like to spend time with your loved ones?


photo credits: Ms. Maria Christine Villarama

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