Our kids say the darndest things

How’s your day going? Mine’s pretty busy. I have chores, some little time to steal with the hubs, friends to catch up with, and a handful of children to take care

I know this sounds cliche, but I’m really enjoying it. The moment I opened my eyes, since Ethan’s day 1, was a life changer.
Now I breathe, eat, live, love, pray (and sometimes, I even think) like a child.
And to have my naughty smarty parts around, are to have my little pick-me-ups…



One day, my daughter and I were getting ready for an exercise, she went inside the room to get her younger brother join us… this is what I’ve heard behind the door…

Sofie: Zacki wake up! Let’s exercise!


I gave my children some ice pops (frozen juice in a plastic tube, like a popsicle) for a snack, the little boy dropped it, I have to wash away the dirt, and got so conscious that I sponge the ice pops with a dishwashing soap.

Zac: Mom, why did you put soap on my ice pops?
I answered him trying to find my words…
Mommy: So that it will be…
Zac: Tasty?


We parents like to play pretend to test our children. I did a little stunt and pretended to faint lying down flat on the floor… my son went to me right away, went right to my face then said…
Zac: Mommy… you want me to call 911now?


I was watching an American TV series, when my daughter came up to me.
Sofie: (pointing to the TV) I don’t like that show, it’s just a “Normal Type”
Maybe she got this from watching too much pokemon movies…


In one of the playgrounds near our home, there is a structure made of several knotted ropes like a spider’s web for children to climb.
One day, my little guy was trying to convince me to go the playground to show me this excitedly.
Zac: Mom, come on, let’s go, I’ll show you my “super cool WEBSITE!”


Whenever I listen to these kids talk, they bring me a breath of fresh air.

How about you, can you share with us some of your funny conversations you’ve had with a kid?

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