Holiday Activities For Kids: 1 Build Your Own Fort / Hideaway / Clubhouse

I know, I know, it’s an addition to some of the loads that we have to do at home, most especially to SAHMs, but kids are kids, we keep ’em busy or they’ll drive us crazy! And besides… if you haven’t done any of these things yet, it’s your chance to have fun too! Let’s start with…

1 Building a Fort


What makes it epic?  It’s your child’s own special place. Get a big cardboard box and make a window cut-out… just as simple as that. Encourage your child to help you with the “design,” it exercises his creativity. Whenever you have time, you can try playing “pretend” with him. Or ask some of his playmates to come over. Imagine the box as a store, a hospital , a clubhouse (be sure to have a secret password too, which adds up to the excitement) or even a tower! I’m sure your kiddo will remember how fun you were as a parent!

How about you, have you tried building a fort with your child? I’m sure he’ll loved it! 🙂

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