A birthday poem for my better half

These are just words that I know won’t suffice in exchange for the love that you’ve given me, and the people around you. I always pray that we stay happy together day after day, month after month, year after year, birthday after birthday…



I caught one big fish from the ocean
The most caring man I’ve ever known
The happiest when we’re together
And I’m proud to call him my own

He’s not afraid to show the world that he loves me
He’s the boy I’m always dreaming about
Perhaps the biggest catch in the ocean
He’s the one for me, and there’s no doubt

He’s a teacher to me but he’s never a bore,
And he too, laughs at my silly jokes
He loves kisses and cuddles and so much more-
And wait ’til you hear him snore

He’s a good friend, a dependable brother
A thoughtful son who never forgets
A humble person, a great leader
The most loving father, my children ever met

Today is a special day for him,
I hope I made him happy with this poem
And I want him to know how much we love him
He’s the life of a place we call “home”

photo credit: Ms. Joana Patrick Usana

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