The promise

Each day will always be a Valentine's Day

Each day will always be a Valentine’s Day

Their union as husband and wife had stood the test of time. For 35 years, and miles apart, they proved together that distance is not a hindrance to their marriage.
Here’s a loveletter in Filipino language, written with so much hope and promise. May their marriage serves as an inspiration to couples young and old, most especially the ones who are in a long distance relationship.

Screenshot_2014-02-14-01-05-57-1taon 1996

Sa aking Pinakamamahal,
Pusong papel man ang maihahandog ko sa araw na ito, mula sa ibayong dagat na aking luklukan nitong limang taong mahigit, alaala lang ito ng tunay na pagmamahalan natin nitong nakaraang 17 taon.

Hanggang ngayon ay wala pa ring kupas at lalong nadaragdagan pa ang pag-ibig na kasama ng mga rosas na aking inialay sa iyo noong pinakaunang araw ng mga puso na magkasama nating ipinagdiwang.

Ngayon ay sumibol pa ang limang maliliit na puso mula sa dalawang pusong nag-iibigan.

Malayo man ako sa inyo ngayon ay hindi hadlang ito upang ipaabot sa inyo ang aking dalisay na pagmamahal at pag-asang darating din ang araw na tayo’y magkakasama-samang muli at magpapakaligaya sa piling ng isa’t-isa.
Pagpalain tayo ng Poong Maykapal.


English Translation of the Valentine note

year 1996
To my beloved,
A paper heart I offer you on this day from across the seas,
retrieved from the bottom of my five-year treasure chest,
a remembrance of our love these past 17 years.
Unfading and more blooming is love with the roses offered on our first Valentine’s.
Today, five more small hearts blossomed from our twin hearts.
Distance is not a hindrance for you to be reached by love and hope that time will bring us together and live happily.
May our union be blessed. With all my love. Pa. Kuala Belait; Brunei.

With each other’s arms every second of the day. Happy 35th Anniversary!

“Marry me, merry me, at 35 we stay true to our promise, and promise to stay true forever and ever”


To Mr Antonio and Mrs Teresita Alabastro, your love for each other is truly amazing and bound by time and space, and free from all the trivial worries of the world. May we be like you, always full of hope which sustains your love, no matter the distance; and always having the desire to be with each other’s arms every second of the day. Happy 35th Anniversary!

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