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Initially he thought that the dragon egg is real

Initially he thought that the dragon egg was real


Hi guys!

While the merry makings are happening all around, I would like to invite you all to watch my son’s YouTube debut – Zacki’s World.

Aside from being a “Dragon Riders of Berk” fan, he was also inspired by A LOT of toy review videos he was watching in YouTube.

Months ago, while we were having our usual “window shopping” at Toys ‘R Us, he came across some dragon eggs. He was wondering if it were real and he might have a real pet dragon inside.

Not to spoil you guys, I do not recommend this 10-dollar toy to your children.

But shooting this video, and seeing my excited kiddo patiently waiting for the egg to “hatch” was kinda worth it. Not bad for a four-year-old.

Hopefully we can do another video soon 🙂 Please click the link to watch. Thanks a lot!

Zacki’s World


thanks to Kuya and Ate for accompanying Zack during the “unboxing” of the toy


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