A week in a life of a blogging mom

My blogging journey started when a friend of mine encouraged me to write about the things that were happening in my life as a parent.  He is a professional blogger who has made very good income through blogging, and so I thought maybe I could do the same.  But as it turns out; I was headed to a different direction.  Right now, I enjoy blogging because I have 3 avid readers who consistently check my website almost every day.   They see themselves in every page that I write.  I sometimes hear the youngest exclaim, “Mom wrote about me today!” Followed by the others saying, “Can I see, can I see…”.  And sometimes, “I almost forgot that funny thing mom!” they would declare during the moment while exchanging laughter.  Believe it or not, blogging helps me to connect with my kids.  They even involve themselves by actively participating and providing voice-overs for our videos.


Me and my minion working on our blog 🙂

The thing is, I just blog whenever my schedule permits me to.  Because yes, having three kids is indeed insanely challenging.  I’ll give you a peek on what usually happens within a week in our house.

Let me start with the weekends because these are the days that I like best.  I get to slow down from the weekday mommy phase.  We can do anything in our house, say, play spa where we get to take turns being the masseuse.  I’ll also have a series of massages from my three kids, so who needs a trip to the massage parlor when you can talk them into it, right?

the power of touch

the power of a mother’s touch

Sometimes I play Nerf with my kids too, boy, I can’t stop shooting at ’em, as  this is the only chance to get even with the three! #sorry not sorry.

I also humor them with my talent.

I started making makeshift toys for my kids when they were really small, since I don't have work and kids during those days are easily satisfied. Mack the truck was my master piece. Too bad I don't have a picture back then. But now with they're age, I can no longer compete with some gadgets and XBOX, any takers for my axe?

I started making makeshift toys for my kids when they were really small, since I don’t have work and kids during those days are easily satisfied. Mack the truck was my master piece. Too bad I don’t have a picture back then. But now with their age, I can no longer compete with today’s technology, any takers for my diamond axe?


I have a lot more crazy ideas I come up with and I truly enjoy these moments with my children. Another example was this:


I saw this box downstairs – don’t judge me ok. It was humongous. I tried to put this inside the lift, by the time it’s halfway there, the lift was closing already. The kids were on panic. I was hysterical! Oh, but if there’s a will… there’s a way!

Or this…

My kids were blindfolded while peeling their oranges, laughter everywhere!

My kids were blindfolded while peeling their oranges, laughter everywhere!

But of course, there are French classes, Catechisms, and Sunday afternoon mass to attend to, so time to put my mommy hat once in a while!

Last week was especially busy:

I had to edit their presentation for National Friendship day in school.  Aside from the chores, I was to and fro the computer, and I had to go out to fetch them as well. Very busy but I felt accomplished that day.

If you want to know how our video turned out, please click here.

Tuesday  was the most interesting and exciting day for all of us. We get to climb up the stage to present in front of the school, yes, including me!

All set to present some trivias and a brief history of our country, the Philippines

All set to present!



“Ang Pagmamano o Mano is a sign of giving respect to elders.” A practice almost similar to the Malays.

Right after the presentation, I saw the kids’ faces and they were all beaming with confidence.  I am happy and proud to witness this moment. 🙂

I had dedicated some of my free time for some volunteer work at school.  Since there was an event last week, my PSG Colleagues (Parent Support Group) were teaching the kids how to make friendship bracelets, origami, facilitating trivia questions in the iPAD, and some more activities which highlights Singapore’s neighboring countries.


Tuesday to Thursday's duty, really worth it most especially when you made the kids are happy. Back here, they call me Auntie Paula, so funny :-)

Last week’s team, glad to put a smile on these children’s faces, they call me Auntie Paula, so funny lah 🙂 (thanks to Annabelle Teo, our PaPa chairwoman for this photo)


During ordinary weekdays, I try my best to teach them at home.  But occasionally, I do encounter challenges like these…


"Zacki, what do you want, do revisions and play with me and dad after or just sleep until tomorrow?" Clearly, he chose the latter

“Zacki, what do you intend to do? Finish your revisions, or just sleep until tomorrow?”  Clearly, he chose the latter

But whenever I feel helpless, dad takes over…

This what happens when dad takes over. Enticing the kids so the kids can understand well

Daddy makes interesting examples for ‘Nouns’.


Do you feel me?

Do you feel me?

But I do have my highs too… one example is when I see them diligently doing their assigned chores.

I created a checklist for my kids' house chores

I created a checklist for my kids’ house chores and it’s looking good.



My girl folded these clothes. Her dad told me that he did not even ask. She’s just quietly folding while watching a tv show.


I love, love taking pictures with my sayang 🙂

As I review this blog, I realized that I am lucky to experience these with my children and my husband; the challenges, the proud moments, the highs and the lows and the things that we do together as a family  -these I will continue to write in mommysaiddaddysaid, until I ran out of words and there’s nothing left to tell.







This post is brought to you by the Singapore Parent Bloggers blog train for April. You may also read the inspiring entries of the rest of the 29 blogging mums or dads here.



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