English Language Composition: Resolving Conflict

I drifted slowly to sleep. It was all so peaceful and quiet. Not a sound could be heard. Suddenly, a knock on the door cracked the tranquility. I woke up and tried to find out what racket was going on downstairs.

I saw mom opening up the door for the delivery man. Looks like mom ordered a new laptop. I went back to my bedroom and fell asleep. I was up by the crack of dawn. I went downstairs and saw my little brother eating pancakes for breakfast. I sat with him and ate. I asked my little brother if he wanted to play basketball with me. He agreed. Soon, we were trying to snatch the ball. Suddenly, we collapsed and the ball went flying into the living room and smashed mom’s new laptop! “Nooooooo!” I shrieked. I took the broken laptop and brought it up to my room. My brother accused me of breaking it. It is the other way around, the next second, we were in each other’s throats. Meanwhile, downstairs, my mom came back and saw the broken pieces of shattered glass. Mom was shocked. She also heard the two of us quarreling. Mom went to our bedroom and caught us red-handed.

A few minutes later, after some explaining and defending each other from mom’s wrath, we realised that a mistake was made and we owe each other an apology.

It took us time but we made peace the next morning over pancakes.


*Ethan is currently studying in Singapore and he is into basketball and video games.


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