Money Making Ideas for Housewives

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Ideally in every household, we expect a full time mother; a father with a decent job; and 2-3 children running here and there. But times are changing and we need to keep up with the constant increase of expenditures as our children grow. Though I’m not really sure about the exact ratio of working moms vs. stay-at-home moms; one thing is certain, we would always want to help our spouses generate additional income for the household.
Here are some effective money making ideas I’ve learned from experience and from other mommy friends which I would like to share with you.

Offer skilled services:
1. Tutor or give lessons
2. Create and sell (for artsy, crafty mommas)
3. Cook, bake and sell (or cater)
4. Clothes mending or dressmaking
5. Sell your designs (logo, architecture, fashion to name a few)

And while at home, you can also:
6. Collect cans and bottles (and sell it to recycling factories)
7. Do a yard sale!
8. Become a product tester
9. Walk the dogs
10. Offer babysitting services
11. Or laundry services

Also, there are so many things that you can do online more than just facebook:
12. Online garage sale
13. Freelance work online (e.g. oDesk and Elance)
14. Answer surveys
15. Enter contest giveaways
16. Sell your digital photos (this is also becoming a trend, but be careful with what kind of photo you are going to sell)
17. Monetize your blog!

If you’re bored from doing all of these, you can also
18. “Sell” your blood (But I wouldn’t recommend this since I prefer donating my plasma, this might be my last option though)


If you have some (really effective) money-making ideas that you wish to share, I would like to hear it from you! Please comment below. Thank you 🙂


 This is an honest and an unsolicited product review of Roohi Hair Solution.  Since it gave us a desirable result, we would like to make the public aware about it too. All of the thoughts expressed are of writer’s opinion only. To know more about the product, please call or message Dr. Talat Fatima at +6583955040
A 100 ml bottle spray of Roohi Hair Solution will only cost you 20 sgd

Roohi Herbal Hair Solution is a Back-to-Nature product that gives your hair the healthy and long life using all natural herbs.

A couple of months ago, I’ve started to try a new hair Product suggested by my wife, which she discovered from her friend.
Now, being a typical guy, I feel uneasy with  the thought of putting things in my hair, aside from the regular daily shampoo (and the occasional styling gels).
I’ve never really been very fussy with my hair, and I usually leave it just the way it is after a few strokes with a comb.  However, during that time I have noticed that I was having some dandruff problems and increased hair-fall.  Not sure if it was due to the stress at work, or maybe the humid weather, or if was simply “age” that’s starting to catch up with me.  And so I decided to try it out.
The name of this hair product is Roohi Hair Solution.
It is a spray-on hair growth product containing all natural herbs.  The main ingredient is the Indian Gooseberry (Amla) which is said to be also used in other successful hair-growth products.  It is also highly nutritious and is a dietary source of Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids.  Roohi comes in a 100ml spray-on bottles, which makes it very easy to apply in your scalp and hair.  And when applied to the scalp, it gives off a refreshing effect.  Since it is an all-natural solution, it is also better to keep it in a cool place (such as your fridge) to give it a longer shelf life.
Roohi is a product that I would recommend for men who are having hair-loss problems, but can also be used by women who would like to have a fuller volume of hair.  Aside from nourishing the scalp to promote growth of new hair, it helps to fight-off dandruff and also has the effect of giving your hair an even darker, more black color.  And since it is made from all-natural ingredients, it is safe for children and teens to use as well.
I have tried this product regularly for a couple of months and did see an improvement on my hair volume.  It has also definitely, removed any dandruff problems I had while I was using it (whether I was feeling stressed or not).  As for the darkening of the hair, I have not noticed this much as my hair is still pretty much black, although my father (who has tried it as well), did say that it has helped blacken his hair when he used it.  Friends and family who have also tried it, have advised different improvements of hair re-growth as well. One downside that we have noticed is that it has a distinct scent that may be strong to some.  This I believe is due to the concentration of the Gooseberry which is the main ingredient in this hair growth formula.  We once noticed from another hair-growth formula that it also uses this Indian Gooseberry, but it vaguely had that distinct scent.  We then found out from it’s ingredients that the Gooseberry was of a much lower concentration and was masked by artificial fragrances.
With pre-mature male balding happening commonly these days, I would still prefer to keep a nice mane as long as I can.  And with what I’m seeing and hearing so far, I would continue to use it as well.
Try it and see for yourself.

No more exercise excuses – getting your mojo back

fun-free-exerciseI am impressed at those parents who despite of their busy schedules, maintain a regular exercise regimen, it requires a lot of dedication and motivation on their part. Lucky for my husband though, he found a basketball buddy in the presence of his brother and play ball with friends on a regular basis. Which made me think and ask myself again, should I stick on my “whenever-I-have-time-schedule”  or dedicate a strict 15 minute work-out? I’ve been pretty bad in that aspect lately and I felt that it’s taking its toll on my body now. We are not that young anymore you know. It’s timely that my husband brought home some useful information from the clinic and I thought of sharing these tips with you.

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When you’re ANGRY and you know it: 4 easy tips on how to manage your anger

I'm ready for some anger management

Women are best known for their countless emotions. Well what can we do, we can’t apologize for who we are – we are especially made to add colors into the world.

We are difficult to discourage yet we always have a heart for drama. We are audacious but peace-loving. Especially for mothers like us, we are also known for our lasting patience and tolerance. But when we are ANGERED, and could not contain it any longer, that’s another story.

10 easy ways to boost a mother’s immune system

Sofie with Mommy Lola

For mommies like us, a happy and a healthy lifestyle is a must. We meet the everyday challenges of work, house chores, our children’s needs, and (if we’re lucky) our husband’s demands too. These are some of the reasons why we should lookout to keep ourselves in top shape, and help provide our immune system with a constant boost. I would like to share with you a few tips I’ve learned from experience, and from mommy friends, on how to keep ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

1. Have enough rest and sleep.
The best and probably the most important. You can’t function at your best when you are always feeling tired and sleepless. Have at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. Turn your lights off by 10 pm if you want yourself to be fully rested.

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“ME” time

the need to be aloneWeekdays are over and no matter how busy those days were, it’s a must for us mommies to have some “me” time even for a little while.

Here are some things you might want to do:

1. Bring your coffee thermos with you and take a stroll at a nearby park, feel the breeze as you take a sip of your favorite beverage. Enjoy Nature!

2. Light a scented stick or candle and place it beside you while you read your favorite book or magazine.

3. Grab a bag of chips and watch a movie that you’ve always wanted to see, or have a marathon of your favorite TV series.

4. Try Yoga or Pilates at home.  There are lots of instructional videos available these days.

5. Rearrange and organize your cabinets, drawers and closets.  And if you find anything you don’t need any more, donate it to charity.

6. Make a list of things you would to try or learn for this coming year. a new hobby

Think of a new hobby like painting, photography, writing songs.,. or learn a new skill that you’ve always wished you knew, like speaking a foreign language or being a mixed martial artist : )


enjoy nature, explore a place you've never been to


7. Plan your next vacation.

Check out the places you’d want to go to this year, and asses the details like where you’ll be staying or how to get there.




8. Sport a new look. Cut your hair or color it. Get your nails done. Experiment on your make-up palette.   Have a makeover!

9. Search your favorite song in a videoke (or youtube video) and sing along. And while you’re already at it, dance away

10. Play your favorite sport, or try a new one

11. Write a journal, and note down fun and nostalgic memories of the past that you would forever like to remember.

12. Learn, <or at least try 😉 > to play a new instrument.

experiment with new recipes


13. Experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.





14. Visit a new mall or tourist spots that you’ve never been to.

15. Make a scrapbook or fix your photo album.

16. Hit the gym or go jogging, then reward yourself with an awesome bubble bath afterwards.

17. Most of all, do not fail to visit your nearby church and give thanks.

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Beef and Vinegar

Did you know that adding a tablespoon of vinegar  when boiling beef stew can hasten the softening of the meat? Vinegar’s acidity breaks down the meat’s protein and muscle fibers, which helps the tough meat become tender faster, without leaving any flavor of the vinegar. I’ve been cooking stew without the help of pressure cookers and this works for me. Try it, it works!

Long Lasting Fragrance = Perfume + Petroleum Jelly

A scent saving tip to all you perfume lovers out there! 

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to your body’s “pulse points or hot spots” (e.g. behind the knees, wrists, inside the elbows, between the cleavage, behind your ears or the sides of your neck and the temples), and spray on your favorite fragrance over these areas.

Petroleum Jelly traps the scent of your perfume, thus, allowing the fragrance to stay with you for a longer period of time.

That fishy smell…

Just this afternoon, I added a squeeze of calamansi to the pan before putting in oil and frying fish. I once read this tip from a magazine and wanted to try out if this trick really does help to eliminate the fishy smell. And it did seem to reduce the smell a lot. Surprising but true.   Not quite sure why this works, but it does. Try it 🙂