When mommy is a best friend

At home, our children are our “best friends.” We also keep it that way. With this kind of arrangement, they are free to express whatever they want to say in the house. We get to know them better.

PicsArt_1390116433439Being best friends with them helped us identify and understand their changing likes and dislikes on certain matters; this made us aware of their maturing emotions. Being best friends with them also means that they will caught you off your guard; and in this case, you should be prepared to hear every single word they say. You have to assure them that it’s okay to tell , and you’re there to listen, you’re not just spying on them, you’re their best friend, remember?

In my present situation, I’ve already discovered a lot of secrets from my kids. Sometimes, I have to listen very patiently so that they won’t hesitate to tell me everything I need to know. And whether it’s good or bad, honestly, I’m enjoying it. Continue reading