Mommy’s stories Chapter 2: Meet Bob

For this chapter, any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



…. And together, Ethan and Sofie, search for something to change their village.

They walked over the mountains and crossed rivers.

And as they were walking, they saw a village similar to theirs. They decided to stop by and take a look around.

There were cheese curls, potato chips and chocolates hanging all over the trees.

The houses were made of cakes and the sweetest treats.

They suddenly heard a giggle but could not find where the sound is coming from.

So they looked and they looked, and to their surprise, they saw a boy; his tummy as round as a big, big ball sitting in the corner of the street; with tempting treats and drinks in front of him; munching, and gulping, and gobbling non-stop.


You seem lost, and you kids look funny. (giggling)


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Hi I’m Sofie and this is my friend Ethan. What’s your name? And, may I ask why do we look funny to you?



Hi, I am Bob. And to answer your question, well, it’s because you’re all skin and bones. Have you not eaten for a long time? By the way, what brought you here?



We are looking for an answer… the answer! We’re trying to find something that could bring our lives back home.



Oh poor friends. I think I have the answer. Come to my house and I will give you chocolates, cakes and marshmallows, sodas and ice creams… bring these to all of your friends too! I’m sure they will like it and eventually, play with you! However… you have to carry me first. I find it hard to walk since I’m feeling very, very heavy and weak…


The curious Ethan whispered to his friend…


Ethan whispers to Sofie:

I don’t think he has the answer. I think it’s because of the food that he’s been eating. That’s why he has gotten so heavy! And did you see that he’s weak too? Junk foods are not healthy at all!



Bob, heard Ethan. He got angry at him and Sofie, and he sent them away.


The kids knew that bringing home some junk foods would not be the solution to their problem.

Ethan’s hunch  was right, it’s not healthy at all.

They continued their search and went on their way. A while later, they have reached another village…


Now, what kind of village awaits them?

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