Holiday Activities For Kids : 3 Fun Art Activities


Art is the universal form of self-expression.
And what makes it unique for children is the multi-sensory experience it provides.
It enhances brain activities (such as understanding and interpretation; creativity and imagination) while exercising their fine motor skills.
It also help develop self-esteem, self-motivation, self discipline and cooperation.

This holiday, you can either enroll your child to an art class, or be his own art teacher.
While they’re still young, instill in them the love for art through fun art activities at home. Create a masterpiece together while enjoying each others’ company. This is a good opportunity to know your child better. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to art, just teach them the proper way of handling art materials and they’re good to go. 🙂

Children's bendaroo activity
My children during our own art class at home

Sofie's makeshift slippers and guitar
She’s our budding artist!

smorgasborg of fun activities
I was out of paper once, I was out of paper twice, I was out of paper many, many times!
Aaw, but it’s okay 🙂

We were making a sculpture… and my son came up with this …

Ethan's beyblade
A cute beyblade!

Children just love to draw and dedicate some of their artworks to their parents…
sofia's drawing for mom

How about… drawing something for them in return? 🙂
Fluttershy by dad

Holiday Activities For Kids: 2 Play A Musical Instrument

learn to play a musical instrument

Let your child enjoy the wonders of music – pressure free. Let him have fun with the sounds that he can make using a simple musical instrument- it’s a first step in discovering his potential in music. They say that it enhances a child’s memory, so if you have a forgetful child, you know exactly what to do 🙂 Ask him what kind of musical instrument he wants to play- you can suggest but please, do not insist, his interest in playing music will fade in seconds. Don’t forget to join the fun , your child will be more inspired if mommy and daddy play along or sing along with him.

Holiday Activities For Kids: 1 Build Your Own Fort / Hideaway / Clubhouse

I know, I know, it’s an addition to some of the loads that we have to do at home, most especially to SAHMs, but kids are kids, we keep ’em busy or they’ll drive us crazy! And besides… if you haven’t done any of these things yet, it’s your chance to have fun too! Let’s start with…

1 Building a Fort


What makes it epic?  It’s your child’s own special place. Get a big cardboard box and make a window cut-out… just as simple as that. Encourage your child to help you with the “design,” it exercises his creativity. Whenever you have time, you can try playing “pretend” with him. Or ask some of his playmates to come over. Imagine the box as a store, a hospital , a clubhouse (be sure to have a secret password too, which adds up to the excitement) or even a tower! I’m sure your kiddo will remember how fun you were as a parent!

How about you, have you tried building a fort with your child? I’m sure he’ll loved it! 🙂