Dadvice: #3 On loving your Siblings



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Yes, yes, they may get on your nerves a lot.  And yes, I do keep track of who did what to whom.  But is being upset with your brother or sister really that important.  You should always remember that family is family.   Cherish your brothers and your sister while you are young, and even more when you’ve grown up.  They should be your closest friends.  No one will understand all the craziness you’ve been through while growing up better than your own siblings.  And, don’t forget all the fun you guys had playing together when Mom and Dad aren’t around.  And, when your parents’ time has come to pass, it is really among yourselves that you can rely on.  Forgive your petty fights and always love each other, WE are family.


kids laughing

Satisfied with two million

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero Marc BrownHaving two sons, it’s been a common scenario in our house to see them playing a bit roughly. My daughter, Sofie, would sometimes join along, and play like this with her brothers. One day, Sofie got carried away herself, accidentally hitting her big brother -Ethan. He stopped playing, went straight to the room and shut the door. I was sitting nearby when it happened, so I listened and waited for Sofie’s next move. She followed her big brother inside the room and this was what I heard:

Sofie: “I’m sorry Kuya (big brother), but we we’re just playing…”

Ethan, sounding hesitant replied: “Okay , but next time, you don’t do that ha?”

Sofie answered happily: ” I love you two hundred times!”

Ethan: “Two hundred?… that’s small”

Sofie: “I love you two million!”

Ethan did not say a word, and they both went back out to the living room to play.

Kids… life is much simpler when we’re like them.