Kangaroo Jane is back!

In Sofie’s kindergarten class, they have an ongoing “write a story” project in which they will bring home a toy from school and spend some time with it for a couple of days.

Sofie with Sidrah

They compile their stories in a book called “The Adventures of Kangaroo Jane.”This allows each child an opportunity to hone their creative thinking skills in storymaking.

Sofie’s classmates excitedly took turns in bringing home Kangaroo Jane and sharing their adventures to their class the following day. It was such a unique class project!

Here’s a nice story from Sidrah Anwar, Sofie’s dear friend and classmate…


One day I was playing in the playground with my brother.

a new found friend

I saw a little kangaroo sitting on a bench. She is looking very sad. Her name is Jane. I asked her, “Jane, why are you lonely?”

“I got lost and now I am alone!” she replied.

I brought Jane home, changed her clothes and had dinner with her. She was very happy…

“Now it’s time to hop and go!” Jane exclaimed.

“Noooo! Stay with me for a little while, I will help you go home!” I promised Jane.

And so we had a little slumber party, it was fun!

our little slumber party

We ate cupcakes and marshmallows dipped in chocolate syrup.

“So yummy!” Jane said… “I hate to go… but thank you for being my friend.”

My family brought Kangaroo Jane back to the playground and there, we met her parents looking for her.

We parted ways happy and a little sad.

The next day, I went to school and told my classmates my adventure. And then I heard a familiar voice coming from the corner of the room.

Sidrah with Kangaroo Jane

“I also want to go to school with you!”

I rushed quickly and found my new classmate, Kangaroo Jane!

Kangaroo Jane is back! It was a happy day for everybody.


How about you, do you still remember how you played “pretend” with your stuffed animal friends back when you were young?


Kangaroo Jane and the big watermelon

She finally ate dinner!“My classmates laughed at me when I told them the title of my story…” Sofie told me eagerly . “They said it was so funny, I also made them laugh with my Kangaroo ears!”

Last week, my five-year-old daughter brought home a toy from her K1 class. Her assignment was to create a story involving Kangaroo Jane (the stuffed animal’s name), and show it to the class the following day.  She made up her story on her own and here’s how her story goes…



This is the story of Kangaroo Jane and the big watermelon. Kangaroo Jane with Mommy Sofie


One day Kangaroo Jane told her mommy that she’s hungry.


And so, her mother cooked nice food for her.


But Kangaroo Jane didn’t want to eat.


She wants a watermelon instead.


“But Jane, you need to eat what’s on the table” “That is all we have!” said Kangaroo Jane’s mommy.


Kangaroo Jane followed her mom, and her mother felt so happy because Jane is an obedient Kangaroo.


Jane felt happy too!


That night, Jane’s dad went home for dinner.


And do you know what her daddy brought her?  Kangaroo Jane and her watermelon


The biggest watermelon a baby Kangaroo ever saw!


She was so happy that night.


She said to herself,”…they gave me watermelon because I followed mom. I am a good kangaroo!”

Kangaroo Jane with mommy sleeping happily ever after

And Kangaroo Jane slept with a smile on her face.


And then, she sleep happily ever after. The End.