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Paula and Ken


A lot of wonderful things have happened to me in my adult life which I am very thankful for. And to top it off, I’ ve been blessed with beautiful and loving kids. Looking back, I remember, that it all began with a simple phrase that was said to me  on this day, some years ago, “Yes, I love you too.” -KEN

You are a constant reminder that God loves me very much. Even when I get jealous and out of line, immature and exaggerated at times, complaining or in deep drama, you are always there, never leaving my side. I wouldn’t brag about the years of love that bound us together- those are just numbers.  But what I’m proud of is how God made us wiser and stronger as a couple and as parents. I am always thankful that He gave me you. I am truly lost for words whenever I think of the love and happiness He had blessed me with…on this day, some years ago… and “yes, I love you too.” -PAULA



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  1. Toots Nicolas says:

    Happy Anniversary to you, Daddy Ken & Mommy Pau! You’ve been blessed to have each other. Continue to love each other, be patient and understanding with each other and always pray that God will always sustain you with His love. Godbless you with many wonderful years together. Love you both! <3

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