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Paula and Ken


A lot of wonderful things have happened to me in my adult life which I am very thankful for. And to top it off, I’ ve been blessed with beautiful and loving kids. Looking back, I remember, that it all began with a simple phrase that was said to me  on this day, some years ago, “Yes, I love you too.” -KEN

You are a constant reminder that God loves me very much. Even when I get jealous and out of line, immature and exaggerated at times, complaining or in deep drama, you are always there, never leaving my side. I wouldn’t brag about the years of love that bound us together- those are just numbers.  But what I’m proud of is how God made us wiser and stronger as a couple and as parents. I am always thankful that He gave me you. I am truly lost for words whenever I think of the love and happiness He had blessed me with…on this day, some years ago… and “yes, I love you too.” -PAULA



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