Everything looks perfect. Until one tries to break-away.

I had several attempted break-ups with my husband before we get married. Imagine the drama. I myself witnessed how calm he was each moment I whine and complain about our relationship. He was motivated and a fighter for love.
Until one day…
I tried breaking up with him again.
He said “yes”  “I will let you break up with me for the first and the last time.”
His voice was serious and I got really scared.
Then I asked him why you’ve given up on me.
He answered…
“If you don’t want me anymore, what’s the use of fighting for something that isn’t there.”
After hearing that, I changed my mind, and he won me back again.


Image courtesy of Facebook, via Ms. Joanna Tan




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3 Responses

  1. Ah, thank you. That was beautiful. I need to go hug my hubby now 🙂
    Deborah Anderson recently posted…Do you want to win $500 or be *Featured* on Social Web Cafe TV? Enter to Win!My Profile

  2. I used to break up with my husband when he was my boyfriend just to hear him beg me to take him back. That got old fast, and now we are happily married. Sometimes it just feels good to hear someone want you.
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted…How to Make a Coffee Filter Halloween WreathMy Profile

  3. Break ups are hard.. My 19 year old daughter just ended her engagement and relation ship with her fiancee of almost 4 years.. I am glad that you and your husband worked things out I wish my daughter would have been able to do that…
    Carmen’s Coupon Blog recently posted…$1.75 off Green Mountain Naturals Apple Cider KCupMy Profile

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