Dadvice: #4 On caring for your Family




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I have once read a phrase, “Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you Family”, and I believe this to be true.  Always love and prioritize your family among other aspects of your life, because money, career, and even friends may come and go, but not family.  We will always be here for you.  Right now, as a kid, a family may just seem to be a group of people whom you are comfortable with, who loves you and provides for your needs.  Only when you grow up, will you truly understand the importance of a family.  The world can sometimes be tough, a cruel and cold place, to this I will not lie.  But when you have your loving family beside you, supporting you, it makes a whole world of difference.  Everything is brighter and more worthwhile.

And to my kids when you grow up, I pray that you would have a wonderful family of your own, as what I have now.   To my daughter, always help and support your husband, and raise your kids well.  To my sons, always do your best to take care of your family.  That’s how my Dad did it, that’s how I’m doing it, and it’s what I’ll be expecting from you too.

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