A voice straight from a mother’s heart

Concluding the month of May – the month for  mommies around the world, let me interest you with a heart-warming article from a fascinating woman who gave up her medical career in exchange for a simple yet a life full of love and never-ending challenges of being a mother, 24 by 7.

Dr. Talat Fatima with children Rushan and Sidrah Anwar


“Mom,” “Maa,” “Amma,” “Mother” and so on…

The first word a child speaks all over the world. Just by uttering the word “mom,” I go down memory lane laced with emotions, experiences and of course the life when I was a child- the days I spent with my own mother.

Being blessed with two lovely children, a boy and a girl, I feel extremely thankful to “God” and to them for giving me the honor to be their mother.

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