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The Rising Tide of Teenage Anxiety

95% of all teens are now online. They may encounter judgement, criticism, and targeted attacks on social media platforms – a breeding ground for cyberbullying and online harassment. Their mental health may suffer as a result of feeling confined and scared, fear of humiliation in front of others, or pressure to conform to society’s expectations.


Thoughts on fostering a child

This is an interesting article about Joy, a working mother of four children. In the article below, she shared some of her thoughts about her family’s fostering journey. I am moved by her willingness to nurture a child in need; and was impressed by her...


Handy helpers!

    “Giving children household chores at an early age helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance .” -Marty Rossmann, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota   At home, we tend to do all the...


One afternoon with foul words

When I am about to fetch my kid from his soccer training, I heard three higher primary students exchanging a few foul words with each other. They are not arguing, but laughing nonchalantly.  One says, “I know what an ass...


Effective Ways To Ask Your Child

  “Hi, how was your day?” I can tell that they are bored hearing these words from mommy. They are so used to hearing it on and on and will only limit their answers to “fine” or “okay.”  This afternoon,...


Teaching your child how to deal with bullies

Today was a bad day for Ethan. A fellow student insulted him and told him that he’s ugly.  What I’ve heard from my son this afternoon was worth pondering. E: I’m sorry I stayed so long in the canteen because...

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