How to become an outstanding student

If you have children who are now studying in primary/elementary school, you can share these helpful tips with them. This also goes to Ethan, Sofie and Zack, two years from now.

I hope my children won't reason our economy :-) source:

“you can’t use this reason Zack, someone used it already”   source:


Do you want to be an outstanding student in school? I know it takes an effort on your part, but it’ll definitely be worth it. You’ll make your parents proud and you’ll be a joy in every teacher’s class. Who wouldn’t want that?

all that grump

no, don’t want a grump in my class


  1. Inattentive pupil. Grumpy classmate. Lazy and an uncooperative group mate. Nobody wants that kind of kid around. An enthusiastic student leaves a good impression to teachers and classmates alike. Participate in class discussions, suggest ideas but don’t complicate things too much. Accept criticisms, be ready to any and take it constructively. Be positive all the time. Support the suggestions of others if it seemed achievable to you, but don’t claim an idea that is not yours. Just keep going and keep a positive attitude. In that way, most of your classmates will love to have you in their group and who knows, they might appoint you as their group leader.


    He is the male version of neneng mamaya na.    source:

  1. Be neat all the time. From your hygiene, to your school uniform, down to your school projects, being tidy reflects how orderly you are. If you want to have more friends, don’t be a walking ball of booger.
  2. Make a list of to do’s while waiting for your bus ride going home. These are reminders on what assignment you should do which classmate to call, and what books/materials you should bring for the following day. It will save you time and effort. Start to rely on yourself, be resourceful, but if you need your mom’s help, just show the lists to her. I’m sure she’ll be happy to help you.

    I once fell asleep in my math class. I woke up when I heard my classmates laughing at me.

    I once fell asleep in my math class in high school. I woke up when I heard my classmates laughing at me. It was embarrassing.

  3. Please have enough sleep. How true that having seven hours of sleep is enough? Not yet enough for kids like you. Sleep as early and as long as you can. Sleep is food for the brain. If you are deprived of having enough sleep, you are not sharpening your memory, your concentration and your learning abilities too, will suffer. You can’t stay focus. You’ll have a lower IQ and test results in school. Do you want that?

    that's more like it  source:

    that’s more like it

  4. Read and study in advance, most especially during the holidays. It is nice to study in a relaxing mood. Most likely, you’ll absorb the things that you’ve read when you are not cramming. You remember your friend’s facebook status yesterday, right? It’s because you are less tense when you were reading it.

    ooops wrong photo. anyways, source:

    ooops sorry wrong photo. anyways, source:

  5. Eat a proper  diet. Eat fresh, three times a day and on time. Remember to drink lots of water!  You know that already. But aside from that, I would like to share with you a brain boosting snack my mom used to give me during the exam week. Nuts. Nuts are great source of Vitamin E, which help sharpen your memory and comprehension.

If you practice these simple tips, you’ll find it a lot easier to study year after year, until you finish college. (wink)

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