The most awesome person in the whole wide world…

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Daddy said…

Kids, in general, demand so many things from their parents…from toys, to playtime, and their parent’s affection.  They seek attention in every little thing that they say and do.

But the explanation for this is simple.  It’s because they want to share something that is important to them, with someone who is important to them.

To your sons and daughters, you are the greatest, coolest, and most awesome person in the whole wide world.

–Parents are easily idolized by their children, and follow their example.


Mommy said…

I’d like to share with you one of my most unforgettable conversation with my daughter.

<Looking at her, and seeing how much she’s grown>

Mommy:  You are sooo big!…

Sofie: …you are bigger!

Mommy: And you are so smart!

Sofie: …and you too!

Mommy: You’re such an angel!

Sofie: …and you are Mama Mary!

This conversation happened just a few minutes after I scolded her for not going to sleep on time.  I remember that I was running out of energy to scold her, so I just lay down beside her to talk.

She was very forgiving and totally forgot the scolding, in an instant.  It was then that I realized that she didn’t go to sleep yet, because she really wanted some “alone time with mommy”.

We had a nice chat, and we slept happy.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what our kids really want to do, especially when what we want to be done is something different, and then we try to impose ourselves.  We know for a fact that our kids can learn so much from us and we want to impart our knowledge and experiences to them, so we usually want them to sit down and listen.  But just as much as they can learn from us, we can also learn from them.  Look at our lives and ourselves from their perspective, and see how awesome they see us, and in turn, realize that we can also still better ourselves.

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