The first teachers

Parents are commonly considered as the first teachers of their children.  As a new parent, you may not realize it immediately, but it is true.  From the moment that Mommies and Daddies take their baby’s hands, and pat it on their faces saying, “This is Mama… and this is Papa…” the lessons begin.

Whether it be general information, or facts that you’ve specialized on, or even life’s valuable lessons, there are plenty of opportunities to share our knowledge and ideas to our kids.  And the teaching doesn’t stop even when your kids start to go to school, and even when they have kids of their own.


As “teachers”, all parents want their kids to gain as much knowledge as they can from them for their child’s own well-being.  However, this could sometimes inadvertently lead us parents to forcing or pressuring our kids.

Always remember to be patient and have fun with your kids when you’re teaching them.  They may not always immediately grasp what you want them to comprehend, but they will definitely value and appreciate your efforts.  And just as important as it is for them to understand the lesson, it is also important that they have a good learning experience with you.  After all, more than just the shared-knowledge, it is the affection and bonding with our kids that make these moments precious.


Let us also share with you a funny experience of RJ (our cousin), with his one-year old boy Theo:


They were doodling with crayons one lazy afternoon…

Theo : Didow, didow, didow <holding one of the crayons>

Daddy : It’s Yellow, say it again Yellow…

Theo : …didow, didow

Daddy : Yel-low, Yellow!

Theo : di-dow, didow!

Daddy : No theo, It’s YEL-LOW!.. YEL! LOW!


Daddy : YELLOW!

<Theo exhausted, stands up and pick up another crayon, then blurted to his Daddy’s face!>



His Daddy’s face turns red laughing…


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