“ME” time

the need to be aloneWeekdays are over and no matter how busy those days were, it’s a must for us mommies to have some “me” time even for a little while.

Here are some things you might want to do:

1. Bring your coffee thermos with you and take a stroll at a nearby park, feel the breeze as you take a sip of your favorite beverage. Enjoy Nature!

2. Light a scented stick or candle and place it beside you while you read your favorite book or magazine.

3. Grab a bag of chips and watch a movie that you’ve always wanted to see, or have a marathon of your favorite TV series.

4. Try Yoga or Pilates at home.  There are lots of instructional videos available these days.

5. Rearrange and organize your cabinets, drawers and closets.  And if you find anything you don’t need any more, donate it to charity.

6. Make a list of things you would to try or learn for this coming year. a new hobby

Think of a new hobby like painting, photography, writing songs.,. or learn a new skill that you’ve always wished you knew, like speaking a foreign language or being a mixed martial artist : )


enjoy nature, explore a place you've never been to


7. Plan your next vacation.

Check out the places you’d want to go to this year, and asses the details like where you’ll be staying or how to get there.




8. Sport a new look. Cut your hair or color it. Get your nails done. Experiment on your make-up palette.   Have a makeover!

9. Search your favorite song in a videoke (or youtube video) and sing along. And while you’re already at it, dance away

10. Play your favorite sport, or try a new one

11. Write a journal, and note down fun and nostalgic memories of the past that you would forever like to remember.

12. Learn, <or at least try 😉 > to play a new instrument.

experiment with new recipes


13. Experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.





14. Visit a new mall or tourist spots that you’ve never been to.

15. Make a scrapbook or fix your photo album.

16. Hit the gym or go jogging, then reward yourself with an awesome bubble bath afterwards.

17. Most of all, do not fail to visit your nearby church and give thanks.

photo credit

Nazareth Usana

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