Wedding jitters

Ken and Gary's family with the newlyweds Kat and Paolo

We recently attended my friend’s wedding last December with the whole family, where my daughter was invited to be one of the flower girls.  We were all dressed up and excited as it was our first time to attend a wedding with the kids. Ethan

We were on our way and forgot to tell our two boys where we’re headed, but they didn’t seem to mind as long as we were going out.  When we got to the parking lot within the church compound, my eldest son asked me “Are we going to the church? Is it Sunday today?”

I replied “No, we’re going to a wedding”, then he stopped asking and kept quiet.

I then noticed that with each step that we got nearer to the church entrance, his grip on my hand got tighter.  And as we were about to go inside, he suddenly stopped and pulled me to whisper in my ear.

“Dad, I don’t want to get married yet…”

Photo credit: Mr. Paolo Fernandez

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