Should I argue back?

This is me and my big bro Kuya Ethan. What do you think is happening between us?

This is me and my big bro Kuya Ethan. What do you think is happening between us?

One time, I asked my mom


“Mom, when someone argues with me, should I argue back?”

Then I relized it was wrong.

My big bro told me I should compromise.

My mom told me not to get  into a quarrel, just stay out of it.

Then I thought mom and big bro are good examples. I should follow them and so I did.

Don’t hate the person that disagree with you. Don’t say bad words at them just because they don’t have the same opinion.



Do not play too much gadget

This is my brother Zack. What can you say about him?

This is my brother Zack. What can you say about him?

Hi, I am Ethan . Here in my school, almost everyone wear glasses. Maybe kids play too much gadget that’s why their eyes are not sharp anymore. I don’t want to wear glasses because it will be heavy on my nose.  Here’s an essay I wrote about playing too much gadget.


Why Too Much Playing gadget is bad for children.

Too much playing in the gadget is bad. You will also be addicted to the gadget and will never get high grades for all your school tests. Also, too much playing can damage your eyes.

I watched a video in school about a boy who keeps on playing in the gadget and gets low marks for his school tests that was a bad example. Sometimes you can play in the gadget but for a limited time.

I play gadgets but for a limited amount of time and only play during school holidays.


Additional opinion:

Remember playing too much gadgets can damage your eyesight.





Friday Light Reading – My Funny Experiences With My Kids



I enjoy being a mother (yeah I don’t think it appears that way in front of many people), how fast they grow is what I can not keep up with. I’m beginning to feel that old age is kicking in,  fooling around with my memory. Things are happening so fast and I have to write down these experiences as much as I can so I would not worry remembering.


Deworming attempt

I remembered the time I made them ate pineapple at night. The next morning was scary for all of us. It’s as if we were facing our nightmares.
Mom: Son, there’s a worm in your butt!
Same Son: (shouting) Don’t get! Don’t get!

What’s with the youth now that they hate-
Mom: Okay children, it’s time to take a bath!
Children replied in unison: Noooooo!!!

Which made me think, do they really hate it that much?
Me: See, it feels good after taking a bath, right?
Ethan: Uhm, I’m not sure….

My youngest son wets the bed and calls me with his eyes still shut.
Me: O, why don’t you stand up and change?
Son: (talks to me with eyes still shut) I can’t mom, I am made of pee…
Mom: You try to write your first name now, Santino. You can do it, it’s only 7 letters.
Zack: Okay mom, I will try!

Sounded great ’cause he followed me, right?-
Zack: I did it mom! Just now I will write Santino but I remember Zack is my original name.

Her teacher said she has a wide range of vocabulary.

Sof: Mom, can you do me a flavor?

Sof: Mom, it’s time for us to watch the tv renember?

Sof: Mom I want to have an Aprint same as kuya…  (apron)

and my favorite of all –

Sof: Mommy, Zacki’s disturbing again, he is eggnoying me!


I’m sorry I just laughed and did not do anything. I’ll just correct her maybe later. I want to hear it a few more times. Hehe

Study time with my Primary 2-

Mom: Okay, so what is the plural form of man?

Ethan: huh?

Mom: How do you call “man” if many?

Ethan: It’s up to me?


While fetching the kids.

Mommy: You finished your lunch kuya? Lunchbox’s empty? Very good…

Sof: Sorry mommy I did not finished mine.

Ethan (kuya): I will finish for you?


And some of my “oscar moments” with my kids-

Mom: Guys, no need for you to be afraid, I put a cross sign on your forehead, you can not be afraid anymore okay?

(I went to the bathroom, and I heard this from one of my kids)

Sof: Kuya, she did not put an ink.


Ethan woke up crying in the middle of the night and he was looking for me. He said that he had a bad dream.

“I dreamed that I belong to another mommy…”
He sobbed and hugged me tight. I cannot breath but what the heck, I want to hear his story, so I listened some more. His next words left me speechless.

“I only want you to be my mommy.”




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Quips, Slips and Shockers

I have to write this to remember. These quips, slips and shockers from my kids  gave me the biggest laugh thus far.



Ethan was writing a journal entry for school.

E: Mommy, I will write, “I had sandwich for breakfast.”

M: Okay sure.

E: How do you spell sandwich?

M: You spell it.

E: S-A-N-D…  How about I just write bread?





Sofie found a dollar on the bed.

S: Mommy, I found a dollar.

M: Put it in your piggy bank.

S: Mommy if I find again, I just keep it?

M: Yes. You just keep it.

S: So I just keep  all the time without telling?



I talked to my son and explained to him why I got angry that night. Basing from the tone of his voice, he was angry at me too.

Ethan:  You are saying you’re not going to say sorry to me?

Me: Yes. I love you but I’m not going to say sorry to you. Think about what you did.

The frown on his face and the silence went longer than I expected. After a moment he looked at me and told me-

Ethan: How about this, you won’t say sorry to me but you will not get angry if I have many mistakes in my test the other day?

with wrong marks


And my most favorite of all…


Ethan was quiet the whole time while I was having a conversation with the rest of his siblings. I was explaining the difference between “passing-out and passing-away.”

Me: Passing out is like you just went to sleep right away, but people can still wake you up. It happens when you feel so dizzy and you suddenly fall asleep. You are unconscious.

Passing away is not waking up anymore.

Sofie: But some people who passed out, they can pass away also?

Me: Yes. That’s why it is important to observe the person when they passed out, when you’re not sure, wake them up until they become conscious.

Ethan jumped in the conversation and hugged me tight.

Ethan: Oh Mommy I don’t want you to pass away… I just only want you to pass out.






The youngest child



Sofie was playing with the tablet and Zack wanted to have his turn

Z: Ate (big sister), can I play now?

S: No.

Z: If you won’t let me play, I will delete that file.

His sister handed the tablet to him without saying a word.

The art of psywar.



I know he has a strong personality and he always use his reputation as the youngest to be able to get what he wants. Yet I told him that “if big sister won’t let you play in the tablet, do something else, not delete the file!”


Another conversation happened this morning.

Z: Ate (big sister) will you let me use your pen?

S: No

Z: If you won’t let me, I will throw everything


Okay so I told him to do something else, and clearly, he’s going to do something else.

M: Zack!

Z: (he reasons to me using his soft voice with matching waving of his hands around his books)     No mommy… I just said I will throw my things… 



I remembered the time when he was two years old, he was not afraid to play along with the big boys. He is the smallest in the crowd yet the most enjoyed. The moment I sensed danger when his big friends are getting out of control, I immediately asked him to leave the playground. With his little voice, he let go of these broken words “No! They- are- my-friends.” I am amazed with this kind of bravery and this kind of reasoning at his very young age.

Now that he’s four years old, I guess his audacity grew up with him, too.


My mom-in-law once told me, “You should play it by the ear when you discipline your child.”

To discipline my youngest child has always been a challenge. He often uses his crocodile tears to get away from the trouble he just did. And most of the time, even if I am not in a scolding mood, he always reasons.

So how do you really discipline your youngest child?

I will use Stephen R. Covey’s piece of advice: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Here’s something I found from the Oz blog that explains a lot about my son’s behavior.

Youngest Child 

The youngest are the individuals in the family. They’re more playful, and since they have to fight for attention, they’ve developed a sense of humor as a way of doing that. A lot of actors and famous comedians are the youngest in the family. They tend to take more risks because they’ve been more protected, so they feel indestructible. They have a lot of confidence, and that comes from the “watch what I can do” attitude. They’re creative and can be great problem-solvers. They also have a need to “dethrone” the first-born. Also, they can go out of their way to prove their individuality, since they end up with all the hand-me-downs. They are the charmers. As thrill/pleasure seekers, they can be most at risk for addictive behavior, which can range from compulsive eating and drinking to sex. (editors note: now I am alarmed)

Article written by Sue Varma, MD
Board certified Psychiatrist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, NYU Langone Medical Center”  


Here are some good pointers from

Parenting your Last-Born Child

  • Lastborns often feel they aren’t taken seriously. Let her make some family decisions — like where to go out for dinner or which video to watch together.
  • Acknowledge his “firsts.” When he learns to tie his shoes or pees in the potty, call the relatives like you did with the firstborn. And be sure to make a big deal of his artistic accomplishments, displaying his drawings on the fridge, as you did for his older siblings.
  • Give the youngest child some responsibilities, even something simple like putting napkins on the table. Lastborns can end up with few family duties because they’ve learned to duck out of work or other family members have dubbed them too “little” to be able to handle things.” Source:


Zack’s always happy and non-stop. He is his big sister’s “baby” and his big brother’s “sidekick.” He is our mascot and our daily dose of laughter.



sofie and zack







He has always been the life of the party. Someday we’ll just laugh about the little jokes he made when he was younger.

The best is yet to come.  And hopefully, when we grow old, his dad and I are still quick enough to ride along with his grown-up humor; or maybe strong enough to handle a mini-heart attack while laughing at his silliest.

We love you Zack.



It was in the middle of the night –

My husband and I were suddenly awaken by our son, saying “Everyone, wake up! There’s an emergency…!”

My three-year-old had jolted out of sleep. He was shouting but what was coming out from his lips was his broken voice. He said that he heard an emergency alarm. We got up that night only to find out that the sound was coming from his dad’s hand phone. What a relief.

This recollection took me to another event which made my adrenaline rush, and this happened seven years ago –

I was rushing down the staircase from a 6th storey building, 4 months pregnant and carrying a 6-month-old baby. I was terrified by the shaking and all I ever thought of was my son and the baby in my tummy. My husband was still at work and fortunately, I was with the company of good friends (Kaye and Bryan with their 2 year old son, Sebastien) who took the situation as calmly as possible.  The Sumatra earthquake brought tremors to Singapore; it wasn’t my first earthquake experience, but being alone with my babies made me scared too.

We’re currently living abroad and when my husband is away for work, I always have two things in my mind. 

  1. That I can never be away from my children
  2. And should always be cautious all the time.

And no matter how much I hate dealing with an emergency situation alone, I should be prepared anyhow.

Let me share with you another important thing that I always think of taking with me (aside from my three kids) in case of an emergency, specifically during an emergency evacuation. A go-bag.

What is a GO-BAG?

“A bag packed with essential items, kept ready for use in the event of an emergency evacuation of one’s home.” (

Our  regular day to day bag goes like this:

What’s inside our “regular bag”

What we have in our REGULAR BAG are some day to day essentials for my three Xiǎo niǎo.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Sandwiches or biscuits
  3. Tissue (wet and dry)
  4. Face towel
  5. Extra pair of shirt and pants
  6. Little toys to keep ‘em busy (an activity book, an action figure, or a toy car)
  7. Plaster/band-aid
  8. Rubber band

For us moms, we cannot leave the house without these essentials too

9. MKC (money, keys and cards)

10. A hand phone

11. LCMP (Lipstick, comb, mirror, and a powder)


Here are the “must haves” for our GO-BAG

The "GO-BAG"

Here’s an example of a GO-BAG. If you could add an unopened bottled water, and some dry or canned food with an easy open can, the better

In my situation since I have three kids, our GO-BAG should be light and easy to carry (preferably a back pack).  Here are the things that must be included in our go-bag.

1. Important papers and documents

  • passports
  • marriage and birth certificates
  • medical records
  • insurance documents
  • diplomas and TORs

2. Money

3. Spare Keys

4. Extra hand phone (fully charged, and stored with important numbers)

5. Extra clothes for everyone

6. Water bottle

7. Extra Food

8. Extra toys to keep my children busy

9. Radio

10. Flashlight

11. Batteries

12. First-aid and survival kit


Some additional tips:

Put your go-bag in the most accessible part of the house as not to miss it.

Keep in mind that you should always secure the safety of your children first, the go-bag is just the least priority.

Here’s another “go-bag” version of Disney Junior’s Safety Patrol.

Click the link below and share this with your children  🙂

safety patrols' prepping up in case of an emergency

safety patrols’ “prepping up in case of an emergency” episode

How to prep the kids for an emergency evacuation

Safety Patrol image courtesy of Disney Junior

When mommy is a best friend

At home, our children are our “best friends.” We also keep it that way. With this kind of arrangement, they are free to express whatever they want to say in the house. We get to know them better.

PicsArt_1390116433439Being best friends with them helped us identify and understand their changing likes and dislikes on certain matters; this made us aware of their maturing emotions. Being best friends with them also means that they will caught you off your guard; and in this case, you should be prepared to hear every single word they say. You have to assure them that it’s okay to tell , and you’re there to listen, you’re not just spying on them, you’re their best friend, remember?

In my present situation, I’ve already discovered a lot of secrets from my kids. Sometimes, I have to listen very patiently so that they won’t hesitate to tell me everything I need to know. And whether it’s good or bad, honestly, I’m enjoying it. Continue reading

When your child says “NO!” – how to win over an opposing child

PicsArt_1385525239891When your child says no… “then how?”

It’s very easy for us adults, to communicate rejection. We reason, we take time to listen, we process, then we stop- all in just a blink of an eye.
But for kids, most especially for toddlers, what they understand is just their own feelings which they can only express in a very limited vocabulary.
“No” is a big word for them, and once a parent gave in to his child after saying the “NO” word, he will start to test his limits… and so, the battle begins.

It can be irritating at times, we know we are right,  we have a sound reason but it’s kinda hard to convey when they show lack of interest in you and your requests. It’s two opposing streets for both you and your child… your way, and his way.
My words for you: don’t give up, accept the challenge, show him that you’re also a toughie:

1. First, encourage and help (when your child need it).
Remember that you shouldn’t be harsh right away. Use the “sayang” or “lambing” or “courtship” method.
Most of us know that this technique is way better than demanding your child what to do. Children copy their parents, so if you ask in a friendly manner, your child will most likely to follow you.
“Zack, I know that you are still having fun playing, but if you brush your teeth now, daddy will be happy and daddy will play with you again.”
“Don’t worry, daddy will help you brush your teeth, it will be just very quick.”

2. If he rejects, do the drama (well, not so much).
Children don’t want their parents sad.
In my almost 7 years of being a mom, I realized how much they are concerned with my feelings. I still remember when Zack (he’s one and a half yo at that time) saw me crying (no biggie, really) and all he kept on telling me was “Mommy… don’t cry… I promise…”
Just like their parents, they can not help it when we’re sad too.
“I’m feeling sad right now, because I know you will follow me…but you are still playing.”
If that doesn’t work, try to:

3. Be firm and exercise authority.
Tell him that he ought to do what you told him to do because you are his parent. Explain to him the importance of being an obedient child. It’s okay now to be as firm as Adolf (since you did everything you could ) but don’t overdo it.
“Zack, you need to follow me now, or else I will be angry at you.”

As always, it is important to use nice words to your child after the tiring yet successful chase.
“I’m happy now, you have been a good boy because you followed me.”
Make way for cuddles and kisses because the two of you deserve it. 🙂


Our kids say the darndest things

How’s your day going? Mine’s pretty busy. I have chores, some little time to steal with the hubs, friends to catch up with, and a handful of children to take care

I know this sounds cliche, but I’m really enjoying it. The moment I opened my eyes, since Ethan’s day 1, was a life changer.
Now I breathe, eat, live, love, pray (and sometimes, I even think) like a child.
And to have my naughty smarty parts around, are to have my little pick-me-ups…



One day, my daughter and I were getting ready for an exercise, she went inside the room to get her younger brother join us… this is what I’ve heard behind the door…

Sofie: Zacki wake up! Let’s exercise!


I gave my children some ice pops (frozen juice in a plastic tube, like a popsicle) for a snack, the little boy dropped it, I have to wash away the dirt, and got so conscious that I sponge the ice pops with a dishwashing soap.

Zac: Mom, why did you put soap on my ice pops?
I answered him trying to find my words…
Mommy: So that it will be…
Zac: Tasty?


We parents like to play pretend to test our children. I did a little stunt and pretended to faint lying down flat on the floor… my son went to me right away, went right to my face then said…
Zac: Mommy… you want me to call 911now?


I was watching an American TV series, when my daughter came up to me.
Sofie: (pointing to the TV) I don’t like that show, it’s just a “Normal Type”
Maybe she got this from watching too much pokemon movies…


In one of the playgrounds near our home, there is a structure made of several knotted ropes like a spider’s web for children to climb.
One day, my little guy was trying to convince me to go the playground to show me this excitedly.
Zac: Mom, come on, let’s go, I’ll show you my “super cool WEBSITE!”


Whenever I listen to these kids talk, they bring me a breath of fresh air.

How about you, can you share with us some of your funny conversations you’ve had with a kid?

Just another morning


I’m not proud of this article nor happy while writing it. But I thought this is important to share.

In my more than six years of being a mother, I had some epic fail experiences which until now, are painful to recall but I know I have to. These are reminders that lead me to improve myself a little each day.

Last week I was in a hurry as I prepare everything at home. I was really preoccupied with the chores and my children who are getting ready for school. I was aware that my speaking voice had become demanding and stern, but since I noticed that they were following me in that manner, I didn’t mind at all. They were so quiet and I thought it was a bliss.
I asked my son to look for his musical toolbox that he’ll bring to school that day. And so, he started looking. I too started shouting when he said he can’t find it. I saw the look in his eyes and I knew that he knows what’s going to happen next if ever he failed to find it.

“Got it already mom…” he said
He braved the conversation with such words…
“Mom… are you happy about me now?”
I answered “yes” but it’s hard to switch back to a happy mood rightaway for this has always been my problem.
“Mom, I just wanted to say that it is not my music day today…”

Imagine the burden my child has to bear during my rantings.
I felt really embarrassed in an instant.
He was afraid of me but what mattered to him was to make me happy. It was an awful  morning for both of us. I asked my child to forgive me and you know what he said?
“It’s okay mom, then let’s just think that this is another morning.”
I hugged him and he smiled.

I will always remember this moment of my childish behavior, when my child was so forgiving to me and had been a teacher once again.

Let’s have a little laugh ;)


Every detail of these colorful conversations with my darling little girl has brought a smile to my
face. Laugh along with me…  🙂


our one and only princess

One morning, she came running to me in the bedroom.

“Mommy, I’m hungry, I want to eat a horse!”

I don’t know if she understood the phrase she has said, and so to double check…

I jokingly replied to her

“No, Sofie, you cannot eat a horse, that’s too big!”

She became quiet for a while and never left her place, standing .

After a few minutes, she began talking again, with her cute little voice asking me…

“Mommy, what about a small horse?”


Continue reading

And her name was…

my little snow whiteLast night, before bed time, my kids and I tried to tell a story with our own words.

I was in-charged to begin the story and my children should continue until the end.

They were all ready and excited to participate.

All quiet and all ears with what I am about to say-

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl… she was very, very, very, very not pretty.  And her name was…”

I paused to think of a name when Sofie moved closer to me with a worried face. She whispered softly in my ear and said…

“Mommy,  please not me…”

Bye-bye babyhood

our bundles of happinessAs parents, we come across a point in our lives when we wish we could go back in time, back to the moments when our kids were still babies.  We were so in love with our little ones that we cuddled them in our arms at every chance that we can; we loved their baby scent, and we couldn’t help but give them kisses every minute of the day on those cute chubby cheeks.  And in return, they would look into our eyes and overwhelm us with the most beautiful and innocent smile.i got this


Years pass and our infants turn into ‘little misses’ and ‘little misters’.  They start to assert their independence in everything that they do, whether when they’re eating, playing with friends, going to school, taking a bath and others.


big already

This came to my mind one day, when I noticed my three-year-old was not scared of walking all by himself anymore.

“Let go mom, I’m three years old now remember? I am big already!”


A stream of memories flowed through my mind, reminiscing all the times that I was with my own parents, and how fast it feels now that I have grown up.  I then start to ponder at how fast time flies and how much I should cherish each moment that they are still kids.




sofie and zackI also recalled that I was not the only one feeling that way.  On the eve of Zack’s third birthday, I overheard our daughter talking with her little brother as they prepare for bedtime…

Zack: Ate (big sister) I want to brush my teeth all the way home…

Sofie: Oh Zack, tomorrow you will be three

Zack: Yah, I will be big already

Sofie: I will miss you when you are two…

Somehow, Sofie’s reply made both of them speechless.

Sofie: I think I will cry tomorrow

My daughter then noticed me eavesdropping behind the door.

Sofie: Mommy, are you going to cry too? You want to cry together?


Then, earlier as I was doing the dishes my youngest son, Zack, ran to me looking very sad and worried…

“Mommy, Kuya (big brother) said when I grow up, I will grow a mustache but I don’t want to have a mustache…”

ethan, in charge of the wheeldaddy's little girl forever

It was cute and funny, and I guess they were not that eager to grow up soon too.


As I recall these conversations, I somehow feel happy because I can see and be a part of all these changes they were going through.  Then I realize, saying good bye to babyhood is not that hard at all.


What about you moms and dads, do you have this moments too?

My daily dose of laughter

goofing around the christmas treeA lot of times in our day to day lives, we are preoccupied with a lot of things that we need to get done.  We’re “busy”, and at times, stressed.  But whenever you feel that you’re getting tired, stop for a while, take a breather and look around you.  You will find entertaining and sometimes funny things that would help you relax a bit.

I am sharing with you my daily dose of laughter.  A few things that I’ve heard, and overheard, from my kids that made me smile.


Just after dinner, I asked my son Zack –

Mom: Why didn’t you drink your water?

Zack: Oh, because I drink my water yesterday, remember?


On a weekday just before the kids’ afternoon nap…

Mom: Ok, guys, time to go to sleep.

Sofie: Yes mommy.  But later, can I wake up?




While watching a video on the mobile phone, Ethan gets excited…

Ethan: Zacki, Zacki!  Will you please open the door I want to show you something!

Zack:  Kuya (big brother)…I’m poo-ing!”

Ethan: Ahh…It’s okay… I’ll just hold my breath!


I scolded Zack one time for not behaving, and after we made amends, this is what he had to say to…

Be a good girl okay?…

Promise not to be angry at me…

…okay Mommy? Deal?”


One morning as I was teaching my son about his current news report:

Ethan: Mommy what is this M.O.E.?

Mom: That means “Ministry of Education”

Ethan: Minis… what?…  Minis-tration?


My observant little girl when she had chicken pox –

Sofie: “Mommy, why can’t I see eggs on chicken spots?”


One evening, before going to bed, I saw my youngest son waving the remote control of the air-conditioner trying to draw something, I was a bit puzzled.  And then he shouted “Go, Go, Power Ranger Samurai!” after which, he presses the ON button, turned around to me and smiled.


Do you hear these amusing insights from your kids too?  camp out


Share it with us  🙂