Bye-bye babyhood

our bundles of happinessAs parents, we come across a point in our lives when we wish we could go back in time, back to the moments when our kids were still babies.  We were so in love with our little ones that we cuddled them in our arms at every chance that we can; we loved their baby scent, and we couldn’t help but give them kisses every minute of the day on those cute chubby cheeks.  And in return, they would look into our eyes and overwhelm us with the most beautiful and innocent smile.i got this


Years pass and our infants turn into ‘little misses’ and ‘little misters’.  They start to assert their independence in everything that they do, whether when they’re eating, playing with friends, going to school, taking a bath and others.


big already

This came to my mind one day, when I noticed my three-year-old was not scared of walking all by himself anymore.

“Let go mom, I’m three years old now remember? I am big already!”


A stream of memories flowed through my mind, reminiscing all the times that I was with my own parents, and how fast it feels now that I have grown up.  I then start to ponder at how fast time flies and how much I should cherish each moment that they are still kids.




sofie and zackI also recalled that I was not the only one feeling that way.  On the eve of Zack’s third birthday, I overheard our daughter talking with her little brother as they prepare for bedtime…

Zack: Ate (big sister) I want to brush my teeth all the way home…

Sofie: Oh Zack, tomorrow you will be three

Zack: Yah, I will be big already

Sofie: I will miss you when you are two…

Somehow, Sofie’s reply made both of them speechless.

Sofie: I think I will cry tomorrow

My daughter then noticed me eavesdropping behind the door.

Sofie: Mommy, are you going to cry too? You want to cry together?


Then, earlier as I was doing the dishes my youngest son, Zack, ran to me looking very sad and worried…

“Mommy, Kuya (big brother) said when I grow up, I will grow a mustache but I don’t want to have a mustache…”

ethan, in charge of the wheeldaddy's little girl forever

It was cute and funny, and I guess they were not that eager to grow up soon too.


As I recall these conversations, I somehow feel happy because I can see and be a part of all these changes they were going through.  Then I realize, saying good bye to babyhood is not that hard at all.


What about you moms and dads, do you have this moments too?

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