Friday Light Reading – My Funny Experiences With My Kids



I enjoy being a mother (yeah I don’t think it appears that way in front of many people), how fast they grow is what I can not keep up with. I’m beginning to feel that old age is kicking in,  fooling around with my memory. Things are happening so fast and I have to write down these experiences as much as I can so I would not worry remembering.


Deworming attempt

I remembered the time I made them ate pineapple at night. The next morning was scary for all of us. It’s as if we were facing our nightmares.
Mom: Son, there’s a worm in your butt!
Same Son: (shouting) Don’t get! Don’t get!

What’s with the youth now that they hate-
Mom: Okay children, it’s time to take a bath!
Children replied in unison: Noooooo!!!

Which made me think, do they really hate it that much?
Me: See, it feels good after taking a bath, right?
Ethan: Uhm, I’m not sure….

My youngest son wets the bed and calls me with his eyes still shut.
Me: O, why don’t you stand up and change?
Son: (talks to me with eyes still shut) I can’t mom, I am made of pee…
Mom: You try to write your first name now, Santino. You can do it, it’s only 7 letters.
Zack: Okay mom, I will try!

Sounded great ’cause he followed me, right?-
Zack: I did it mom! Just now I will write Santino but I remember Zack is my original name.

Her teacher said she has a wide range of vocabulary.

Sof: Mom, can you do me a flavor?

Sof: Mom, it’s time for us to watch the tv renember?

Sof: Mom I want to have an Aprint same as kuya…  (apron)

and my favorite of all –

Sof: Mommy, Zacki’s disturbing again, he is eggnoying me!


I’m sorry I just laughed and did not do anything. I’ll just correct her maybe later. I want to hear it a few more times. Hehe

Study time with my Primary 2-

Mom: Okay, so what is the plural form of man?

Ethan: huh?

Mom: How do you call “man” if many?

Ethan: It’s up to me?


While fetching the kids.

Mommy: You finished your lunch kuya? Lunchbox’s empty? Very good…

Sof: Sorry mommy I did not finished mine.

Ethan (kuya): I will finish for you?


And some of my “oscar moments” with my kids-

Mom: Guys, no need for you to be afraid, I put a cross sign on your forehead, you can not be afraid anymore okay?

(I went to the bathroom, and I heard this from one of my kids)

Sof: Kuya, she did not put an ink.


Ethan woke up crying in the middle of the night and he was looking for me. He said that he had a bad dream.

“I dreamed that I belong to another mommy…”
He sobbed and hugged me tight. I cannot breath but what the heck, I want to hear his story, so I listened some more. His next words left me speechless.

“I only want you to be my mommy.”




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