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Things that you want to make sure your kids know …or not know

Often times in life, we take a look back on things that we’ve done and thought – “if I only knew, I might have done better…”   This realization is not bad, when you think about it, it’s actually edification.  It means that you’ve now learned something new, which you didn’t know before.  Knowledge is Power.  And as a 90’s kid, I’ve come to realize that there is wisdom in what my favorite cartoon show always says – “Knowing is half the battle”.

Although it is true that experience is the best teacher, it doesn’t just have to be only your own experience that you should rely on to teach you.  We can also learn lessons from experiences of other people, and use it to our advantage.

In this section of Daddy said, I would like to give my kids that advantage and impart to them some of the important life lessons, and “life-hacks”, that I’ve learned in my life as well as from others.  Though some of these things may seem to be ‘common sense’ to us parents, at times, we tend to forget that our kids don’t know these things yet.  They could greatly learn from it and it may help improve their perspective in life.

Please join me as I share to my kids the stuff that they should know (or maybe shouldn’t know yet) about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees…  And who knows, maybe you and your kids can share some of your life lessons too.

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#1   On treating your Parents

Always love and respect them period.  Yes, it’s true that sometimes we might do some things that seem unfair to you, but do trust that we always have your best interest at heart.  I’ve loved you from the day you were born and will continue to do so until my dying breath, no intermissions in between.  It is the same with your mom, and your grandparents as well.  You may not always see it, but your mom and I love and respect our parents very much too.  They have been there for us, with love, patience, and understanding, holding our hands, ever since we could remember.  And this is the same promise that we make to you.  When all the world comes crumbling down, we are the ones who will always be here for you… near, far, and wherever you are.

And the next time you get to talk with your parents or elders, take time to listen.  There are a lot of things they can teach us, simply by telling us the consequences of what they did, or did not do, in their lives. Reciprocate with love, compassion and most of all, with respect.


McDonald’s Happy Meal, reboot!

Notice our children’s faces when we mention to them the phrase “Happy Meal”?

Their eyes widened, their smiles reach from ear to ear, they giggle non-stop, and excitement ensues.  This scenario is common even in our home every time I decide to have a trip with my kids at nearby Mc Donald’s.

Then recently, I heard the news that educational books will be included in every Happy Meal, and it was my turn to smile.  Something amazing has truly come over to that red lunch box named “Happy”.  Not only will we be feeding their tummies, but we will be fueling their imaginations and minds as well.


DK books set shown here were provided for the purpose of this review.


Happy Kids with DK books from Happy Meal



Reading time!

Kids, Mommies and Daddies, you can now enjoy a collection of eight Happy Meal Books, specially selected from the renowned Educational books publisher Dorling Kindersley’s (“DK”).  These are the “Watch Me Grow” and “WOW” series.


A whole new collection from Happy Meal: DK Books for young and old!

The “Watch Me Grow” books explore an animal’s life through their own point of view. This collection of popular animal titles includes “Panda,” “Penguin,” “Butterfly,” and “Elephant.” As with my 5-year-old Zack, this collection is perfect for your preschoolers (aged 3-5 year olds).


Zack, showing the inside pages of Watch Me Grow! Penguin book


Interesting back cover 🙂



Watch Me Grow! Penguin


Watch me grow! Panda


Watch Me Grow! Butterfly

The “Wow” books collection, on the other hand, is ideal for your lower primary children just like my Ethan and Sofie (aged 6-9 years old).  Each “Wow” book is a spectacular show-and-tell experience, exploring and illustrating each subject in a unique way through stunning photographic images.  Your kids will enjoy the vast collection of facts and trivia presented through “Wow! Human Body,” “Wow! Art and Culture,” “Wow! Space,” and “Wow! Ancient History.”


Our voracious reader, can’t take her hands off the book!






WOW! SPACE (with free stickers inside 🙂 )



Don’t miss out the opportunity to collect these amazing “purse-friendly” books. Visit your nearest Mc Donald’s restaurant from 11am on 3 September 2015, and you will receive a free Happy Meal book with every purchase of a Happy Meal while stocks last. You and your children can look forward to a choice of two new titles that will be launched every Thursday at 11am.

Week 1: 3 Sep – 9 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Panda

Week 2: 10 Sep – 16 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Butterfly

Week 3: 17 Sep – 23 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Elephant

Week 4: 24 Sep – 30 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Penguin



Away from the gadgets!

And it just doesn’t stop there, the love for learning continues with specially planned activities for your children. From 10am-12noon starting next weekend, join Ronald McDonald for a session of Art and Craft and Fun Reading at the following restaurants:

12 Sep – McDonald’s West Coast Park

13 Sep – McDonald’s Jurong Central Park

19 Sep – McDonald’s Bishan Park

20 Sep – McDonald’s Ang Mo Kio Park

26 Sep – McDonald’s Kallang

27 Sep – McDonald’s Ridout Tea Garden


But wait, there’s more… what makes the “happy” meal truly better.

More good news as Mc Donald’s Restaurant has announced an adjustment on their menu, with considerations for health conscious parents.  Now, every Happy Meal option is assured to come in a less than 500-calorie count.  Kids can now enjoy the nuggets fried from Canola Blend oil.  This reduces the level of saturated fat by approximately 30%, and that’s a lot.  Corn Cups are now lower in sodium content, but if your kids are not a fan of it, you can also choose healthy Apple Slices for their sides. Additionally, they have also included Magnolia Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk for our kid’s beverages, which is a definitely healthier choice!  We appreciate and hope that McDonald’s continues in their direction to be more health conscious in every meal that they serve.


Our own versions of “Happy”


Friday Light Reading – My Funny Experiences With My Kids



I enjoy being a mother (yeah I don’t think it appears that way in front of many people), how fast they grow is what I can not keep up with. I’m beginning to feel that old age is kicking in,  fooling around with my memory. Things are happening so fast and I have to write down these experiences as much as I can so I would not worry remembering.


Deworming attempt

I remembered the time I made them ate pineapple at night. The next morning was scary for all of us. It’s as if we were facing our nightmares.
Mom: Son, there’s a worm in your butt!
Same Son: (shouting) Don’t get! Don’t get!

What’s with the youth now that they hate-
Mom: Okay children, it’s time to take a bath!
Children replied in unison: Noooooo!!!

Which made me think, do they really hate it that much?
Me: See, it feels good after taking a bath, right?
Ethan: Uhm, I’m not sure….

My youngest son wets the bed and calls me with his eyes still shut.
Me: O, why don’t you stand up and change?
Son: (talks to me with eyes still shut) I can’t mom, I am made of pee…
Mom: You try to write your first name now, Santino. You can do it, it’s only 7 letters.
Zack: Okay mom, I will try!

Sounded great ’cause he followed me, right?-
Zack: I did it mom! Just now I will write Santino but I remember Zack is my original name.

Her teacher said she has a wide range of vocabulary.

Sof: Mom, can you do me a flavor?

Sof: Mom, it’s time for us to watch the tv renember?

Sof: Mom I want to have an Aprint same as kuya…  (apron)

and my favorite of all –

Sof: Mommy, Zacki’s disturbing again, he is eggnoying me!


I’m sorry I just laughed and did not do anything. I’ll just correct her maybe later. I want to hear it a few more times. Hehe

Study time with my Primary 2-

Mom: Okay, so what is the plural form of man?

Ethan: huh?

Mom: How do you call “man” if many?

Ethan: It’s up to me?


While fetching the kids.

Mommy: You finished your lunch kuya? Lunchbox’s empty? Very good…

Sof: Sorry mommy I did not finished mine.

Ethan (kuya): I will finish for you?


And some of my “oscar moments” with my kids-

Mom: Guys, no need for you to be afraid, I put a cross sign on your forehead, you can not be afraid anymore okay?

(I went to the bathroom, and I heard this from one of my kids)

Sof: Kuya, she did not put an ink.


Ethan woke up crying in the middle of the night and he was looking for me. He said that he had a bad dream.

“I dreamed that I belong to another mommy…”
He sobbed and hugged me tight. I cannot breath but what the heck, I want to hear his story, so I listened some more. His next words left me speechless.

“I only want you to be my mommy.”




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