Let’s have a little laugh ;)


Every detail of these colorful conversations with my darling little girl has brought a smile to my
face. Laugh along with me…  🙂


our one and only princess

One morning, she came running to me in the bedroom.

“Mommy, I’m hungry, I want to eat a horse!”

I don’t know if she understood the phrase she has said, and so to double check…

I jokingly replied to her

“No, Sofie, you cannot eat a horse, that’s too big!”

She became quiet for a while and never left her place, standing .

After a few minutes, she began talking again, with her cute little voice asking me…

“Mommy, what about a small horse?”


Sofie, 3 years old


She asked me if she can bring her stuffed toy, Baby Mickey outside, and I told her,

“Oh no Sof, your toy is not allowed”

Sofie answered

“But mommy, he’s just really quiet…”



What are you thinking Sofie?

I remember Sofie shouting from the living room…

“Mom, somebody spilled!”

I too, in a loud voice asked her… “Was it your little brother?”

“No mommy, it’s water!”



While measuring their height…

Feeling hungry

Sofie: Mommy, I will measure your height too… but you have to sit down…



One afternoon, she told me that she wanted to vomit…

And so I brought Sofie inside the bathroom, we waited and after a few minutes…


“Mommy, maybe you should put food in my mouth first!”




Care to share a funny experience with your little ones? Feel free to comment or send us a message!


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