English Language Composition: Resolving Conflict

I drifted slowly to sleep. It was all so peaceful and quiet. Not a sound could be heard. Suddenly, a knock on the door cracked the tranquility. I woke up and tried to find out what racket was going on downstairs.

I saw mom opening up the door for the delivery man. Looks like mom ordered a new laptop. I went back to my bedroom and fell asleep. I was up by the crack of dawn. I went downstairs and saw my little brother eating pancakes for breakfast. I sat with him and ate. I asked my little brother if he wanted to play basketball with me. He agreed. Soon, we were trying to snatch the ball. Suddenly, we collapsed and the ball went flying into the living room and smashed mom’s new laptop! “Nooooooo!” I shrieked. I took the broken laptop and brought it up to my room. My brother accused me of breaking it. It is the other way around, the next second, we were in each other’s throats. Meanwhile, downstairs, my mom came back and saw the broken pieces of shattered glass. Mom was shocked. She also heard the two of us quarreling. Mom went to our bedroom and caught us red-handed.

A few minutes later, after some explaining and defending each other from mom’s wrath, we realised that a mistake was made and we owe each other an apology.

It took us time but we made peace the next morning over pancakes.


*Ethan is currently studying in Singapore and he is into basketball and video games.


Mommy’s stories Chapter 2: Meet Bob

For this chapter, any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



…. And together, Ethan and Sofie, search for something to change their village.

They walked over the mountains and crossed rivers.

And as they were walking, they saw a village similar to theirs. They decided to stop by and take a look around.

There were cheese curls, potato chips and chocolates hanging all over the trees.

The houses were made of cakes and the sweetest treats.

They suddenly heard a giggle but could not find where the sound is coming from.

So they looked and they looked, and to their surprise, they saw a boy; his tummy as round as a big, big ball sitting in the corner of the street; with tempting treats and drinks in front of him; munching, and gulping, and gobbling non-stop.


You seem lost, and you kids look funny. (giggling)


image source: www.clipartof.com

image source: www.clipartof.com


Hi I’m Sofie and this is my friend Ethan. What’s your name? And, may I ask why do we look funny to you?



Hi, I am Bob. And to answer your question, well, it’s because you’re all skin and bones. Have you not eaten for a long time? By the way, what brought you here?



We are looking for an answer… the answer! We’re trying to find something that could bring our lives back home.



Oh poor friends. I think I have the answer. Come to my house and I will give you chocolates, cakes and marshmallows, sodas and ice creams… bring these to all of your friends too! I’m sure they will like it and eventually, play with you! However… you have to carry me first. I find it hard to walk since I’m feeling very, very heavy and weak…


The curious Ethan whispered to his friend…


Ethan whispers to Sofie:

I don’t think he has the answer. I think it’s because of the food that he’s been eating. That’s why he has gotten so heavy! And did you see that he’s weak too? Junk foods are not healthy at all!



Bob, heard Ethan. He got angry at him and Sofie, and he sent them away.


The kids knew that bringing home some junk foods would not be the solution to their problem.

Ethan’s hunch  was right, it’s not healthy at all.

They continued their search and went on their way. A while later, they have reached another village…


Now, what kind of village awaits them?

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Mommy’s stories Chapter 1: Looking for answers

For this chapter, all characters appearing in my work are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is not coincidental. 🙂

I plan to tell this story to children all over the world. This was made from the bottom of my heart. Please read and help share. Thanks, appreciate it! 🙂



image source: http://jake-labz.deviantart.com/art/Mushroom-Houses-198421730

image source: http://jake-labz.deviantart.com/art/Mushroom-Houses-198421730

Once upon a time, in a land where the trees meet the sun and the rivers have no end…


Where all you can hear are the chirping of the birds and rustling of the leaves,


There was an old village called “The Skinny Mushroom Village.”


In this place, people have found their home, and settled on their own way of life.  And soon, they’ve built their own community and had families.


All through the day, they grew as much mushrooms as they could. And all through the night, they slept soundly, and slept tight.


People, young and old were already accustomed to this very simple way of life.


But in this quiet little town, there is a boy named Ethan, who thought that this life is pretty–



Boring. (sighs)  I’m so bored. I’m always tired of the day’s work and nothing’s left for me to do but sleep during the night. Everybody’s feeling weak all the time and nobody likes to play anymore! They’ve lost their interest in almost everything! This village needs life! What can I do?  We need some life, some energy, but where can I find it? Ah! I need to find the answer! I want out of this town, right now!



Little did he know, that there is also a girl, who’s been wanting to leave town… Her name is Sofie.



I have to leave town. I have to see what’s beyond the mountains. Life here is so boring. Nobody wants to play, and they are always tired. We eat the same thing over and over again! Ugh! Mushrooms! I want something else besides mushrooms! Maybe there’s something more out there!



And so, both Ethan and Sofie secretly packed their food for their journey.

They snuck out of their mushroom houses while their parents were asleep, and quietly made their way out of the village.

However, it was so dark and so cold. Ethan had an eerie feeling when he heard footsteps coming towards him.


image source: stylishdexterity.deviantart.com StylishDexterity

image source: stylishdexterity.deviantart.com StylishDexterity

Similarly Sofie, also feels mostly uncomfortable during nights.  This is because she doesn’t have a very clear eyesight.




Ethan and Sofie altogether:





They bumped into each other, and ran as fast as they could. But in their disarray, they seem to have ran in circles, and so…


Ethan and Sofie altogether::




they bumped again! The curious Ethan then gathered his courage, he stopped running, and looked to see that it was simply a girl who has scared him, then asked –



Who are you? Are you spying on me?



No, I’m not.  I should ask you the same question!



Oh no, I’m not a spy, I am just a boy from a village nearby…  the Skinny Mushroom



And so am I… Well, I mean, I am actually a girl. My name is Sofie. So you plan to leave the town too?



Hi Sofie, I’m Ethan. Yes, but well, not for a long time, I still want to go back you know. I just need to find some answers. And I want to bring life to our village!



Same here! I’m thinking that I might find something new out there, something better.  Hey, why don’t we  go together; you know… two heads are better than one.



And together, Ethan and Sofie did, to search for something to change their village.

They walked over mountains and crossed rivers.

And as they were walking, they saw a village similar to theirs. They decided to stop by and take a look around.


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A Graduation Tribute

Today marks the end of the schoolyear 2013 here in Singapore.
Ethan graduated from his preschool class a few days ago, his dad and I were very proud of what he had accomplished.
Last Friday he happily bid goodbye to his teachers and friends, I could tell from the look on his face a mix of emotions…

Here’s a video clip that Ethan and I put together especially dedicated to his teachers  who had been  with him in  his journey. Please watch.

And to the teachers of our son,

We would like to give our sincerest thanks for all the nurturing and support that had been given to our child. It was a wonderful experience and we are very happy to witness this great adventure. We don’t want to think that it is “just” preschool. It’s not. You’re one of the most important foundation who have helped Ethan a whole lot. Aside from helping him hone his skills,  you were also a contribution to Ethan’s well-being. You too, are the investors to his future, you helped him become a better person. And with all these, we are truly grateful.

Ethan’s Mom and Dad

credits to:
Mrs. Chan
Mrs. Irwan
Madam Huda
Madam Amir
Ms. Koh
Ms. Neo
Madam Linda Jamil
Liang 老师
Madam Ng
Madam Ng
Ms. Pia Pajarillo

Not in the video: Madam Nur and Ang 老师

And her name was…

my little snow whiteLast night, before bed time, my kids and I tried to tell a story with our own words.

I was in-charged to begin the story and my children should continue until the end.

They were all ready and excited to participate.

All quiet and all ears with what I am about to say-

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl… she was very, very, very, very not pretty.  And her name was…”

I paused to think of a name when Sofie moved closer to me with a worried face. She whispered softly in my ear and said…

“Mommy,  please not me…”

Kangaroo Jane and the big watermelon

She finally ate dinner!“My classmates laughed at me when I told them the title of my story…” Sofie told me eagerly . “They said it was so funny, I also made them laugh with my Kangaroo ears!”

Last week, my five-year-old daughter brought home a toy from her K1 class. Her assignment was to create a story involving Kangaroo Jane (the stuffed animal’s name), and show it to the class the following day.  She made up her story on her own and here’s how her story goes…



This is the story of Kangaroo Jane and the big watermelon. Kangaroo Jane with Mommy Sofie


One day Kangaroo Jane told her mommy that she’s hungry.


And so, her mother cooked nice food for her.


But Kangaroo Jane didn’t want to eat.


She wants a watermelon instead.


“But Jane, you need to eat what’s on the table” “That is all we have!” said Kangaroo Jane’s mommy.


Kangaroo Jane followed her mom, and her mother felt so happy because Jane is an obedient Kangaroo.


Jane felt happy too!


That night, Jane’s dad went home for dinner.


And do you know what her daddy brought her?  Kangaroo Jane and her watermelon


The biggest watermelon a baby Kangaroo ever saw!


She was so happy that night.


She said to herself,”…they gave me watermelon because I followed mom. I am a good kangaroo!”

Kangaroo Jane with mommy sleeping happily ever after

And Kangaroo Jane slept with a smile on her face.


And then, she sleep happily ever after. The End.

A birthday poem for mommy

wisdom, strength and loveThis is a birthday poem from my three precious children…and was beautifully written by their dad.

 To our dearest mommy,

Thank you for your unending love
You’re treasured to the skies above

Our promise for today we’ll keep

To be behaved and help you sweepsofie made a birthday cake for me

And pray, eat fast, our teeth, we’ll brush
You just relax no need to rush

And since this is your special day

We’ll keep you happy, we’ll laugh and play

We love you big and all day through

You’ll hear us sing “Happy Birthday To You”

Love, Ethan, Sofie and Zack



with the love of my life





I can’t help smiling as I read ‘til the end; thank you Daddy for inspiring me to become a better parent to our children.




And to Ethan, Sofie and Zack-mom and zack

I promise to keep you happy; I’ll be by your side,

In every thunder, I’ll be there, my arms are open wide.


I promise to be more patient, your tantrums I won’t ignore,

I promise to understand you, when you whine and bang the door.


I’ll make your favorite pancakes or buy you waffles too,

I’ll give you fruit and veggies; and make sure you bite and chew.

 our mini beach party

I’ll make sand castles for you, or build a truck or tent,

Play bowling or Barbie dolls, our time will be well spent.


I’ll sing you guys some lullabies, and watch you while you sleep,

Or tell you beautiful stories, that in my heart I keep. 


camp inI promise to always guide you, that’s how much you mean to me…

I promise to give my children, good things with joy and glee.



Each day I thank the Lord above, he made me rich once more

I promise to keep these promises, for treasures I adore.