A Graduation Tribute

Today marks the end of the schoolyear 2013 here in Singapore.
Ethan graduated from his preschool class a few days ago, his dad and I were very proud of what he had accomplished.
Last Friday he happily bid goodbye to his teachers and friends, I could tell from the look on his face a mix of emotions…

Here’s a video clip that Ethan and I put together especially dedicated to his teachers  who had been  with him in  his journey. Please watch.

And to the teachers of our son,

We would like to give our sincerest thanks for all the nurturing and support that had been given to our child. It was a wonderful experience and we are very happy to witness this great adventure. We don’t want to think that it is “just” preschool. It’s not. You’re one of the most important foundation who have helped Ethan a whole lot. Aside from helping him hone his skills,  you were also a contribution to Ethan’s well-being. You too, are the investors to his future, you helped him become a better person. And with all these, we are truly grateful.

Ethan’s Mom and Dad

credits to:
Mrs. Chan
Mrs. Irwan
Madam Huda
Madam Amir
Ms. Koh
Ms. Neo
Madam Linda Jamil
Liang 老师
Madam Ng
Madam Ng
Ms. Pia Pajarillo

Not in the video: Madam Nur and Ang 老师

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