Should I argue back?

This is me and my big bro Kuya Ethan. What do you think is happening between us?

This is me and my big bro Kuya Ethan. What do you think is happening between us?

One time, I asked my mom


“Mom, when someone argues with me, should I argue back?”

Then I relized it was wrong.

My big bro told me I should compromise.

My mom told me not to get  into a quarrel, just stay out of it.

Then I thought mom and big bro are good examples. I should follow them and so I did.

Don’t hate the person that disagree with you. Don’t say bad words at them just because they don’t have the same opinion.



Singing Christmas carols with cousins

Finally! The rain stopped yesterday night! Now we can sing Christmas carols to our neighbors until Christmas. We are very interested with this idea because mum said people will give us money if we sing Christmas songs to them. At first we can not really understand how do we do it. I heard my little bro asked mum about it, “is it a singing contest?” My kuya is also wondering and asking, “mum, do we need to dance when we sing?”

Tito Dennis and Tita Maneth made a beautiful instrument from bottle caps. It sounded like tambourine when you shake it. I want to bring it to my school and show it to my friends. Thank you Tito Dennis and Tita Maneth!


The first song mum taught us was “thank you, thank you, ambabait ninyo thank you” (you are very kind) but I heard other kids singing “thank you, thank you, thank you very much thank you” – I counted 4 thank you words in it!

I had fun singing with my cousins too. Their names are Ate Nikki and Ate Louie. This is the first time we sing together.

We are very lucky because even if we are not really good in singing, our aunts, their names are Tita Linda, Tita Arnie, my grandma and even Tita Maneth gave us money. Later we will practice and really, we will do our best. Salamat po!

Children carol for Christmas and money.
Don’t worry, we will spend the money wisely.

We need to sleep!

Hi guys! Welcome back! Our topic for today is about Sleeping (if that’s how you spell it correctly)
In Singapore, I only feel sleepy when it is 9/10 o’clock pm but in our home town I feel sleepy when it’s 7 o’clock pm. It happens all the time. I think there is sleep powder in our home town. Sleeping is important because our body needs to rest for us to grow. Aside from the food we eat, you can also get energy from sleeping. Yesterday, I heard my youngest brother say, “how come grown ups don’t need sleep?” “I wish I was a grown up!”


Oh My Caterpi!

Hi, I’m Sofie. Mom asked me to help her write in our blog. She said I am in charge for now. I am not writing with pen and paper but using her phone. I never knew I could do that! This is easier and I thought this is cool too!!!

It’s almost Christmas and a lot of things happened since we arrived in our hometown. Today is the first “simbang gabi” or “misa de gallo.” I think mom assigned my brother to talk more about that.

I will share with you one sad experience I had a few days ago…

10 Dec 2015
On Saturday, Tito Joel gave me a pet caterpillar we named him Caterpi. On the next day, it grew longer and it has shorter legs. On the following day, it started crawling up, as if it is looking for a branch to hang itself. I was very excited because I thought I will witness the transformation of caterpi into a cocoon… but it did not happen 🙁 it died after it hanged itself.

Do not shake a caterpillar