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fun-free-exerciseI am impressed at those parents who despite of their busy schedules, maintain a regular exercise regimen, it requires a lot of dedication and motivation on their part. Lucky for my husband though, he found a basketball buddy in the presence of his brother and play ball with friends on a regular basis. Which made me think and ask myself again, should I stick on my “whenever-I-have-time-schedule”  or dedicate a strict 15 minute work-out? I’ve been pretty bad in that aspect lately and I felt that it’s taking its toll on my body now. We are not that young anymore you know. It’s timely that my husband brought home some useful information from the clinic and I thought of sharing these tips with you.

* You don’t have to have a vigorous exercise routine. Just aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week to maintain your weight.

What are the moderate intensity activities?

Activities that cause:

  • your heart rate to increase
  • you to break sweat
  • you to be able to talk, but not sing during the activity


Examples of the moderate intensity activities

  • brisk walking (walking pace of 1 km in 10-15 min)
  • badminton
  • table tennis
  • swimming
  • cycling


Suggestions to overcome not exercising

Lack of time – Add physical activity to your daily routine. Walk or ride your bicycle to work or shopping, and organize your daily activities around physical activity.

Lack of motivation – Invite a friend to exercise with you on a regular basis; Join an exercise group or class

Family obligations – Exercise with the kids, eg. go for a walk together, play ball games, ‘catching’ or other running games. ; Do simple exercises or use home gymnasium equipment while the kids are busy playing or sleeping.


In my opinion, we also need to take care of ourselves the way we take care of our children. And to be able to catch up with them, we also need to exercise. Choose a kind of exercise that you think you’ll enjoy.  Be inspired and take note of your progress. Don’t overdo it and don’t procrastinate. Dedicate a time that feels right for you.

One day I will surprise my husband with my flat tummy and surprise my children with my handstand. (I just need a little more time and patience!)

How about you, what is your motivation?



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12 Responses

  1. Beeb says:

    I hear you, it’s like a constant struggle to keep the workload at bay so we have time to take care of ourselves, isn’t it? Good tips!
    Beeb recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Midnight MoonMy Profile

  2. Nancy says:

    We’re in same boat I need more time. I need to workout the tummy area, as well.
    Nancy recently posted…ColgateTotal MouthwashMy Profile

  3. I have tried to find a friend to exercise with. We even had a gym membership together. I need to find something, though. Despite a healthy diet and being at a good weight, my blood pressure is still high. I know exercise is the key. Wanna come do some yoga?
    Alicia Taylor recently posted…Free b.liv Skin Care Sample KitMy Profile

  4. Scott says:

    I run and workout every week. My motivation is just to stay healthy. Every time you exercise your heart gets exercise. Keeping your heart healthy is one way to live a longer happier life.
    Scott recently posted…Folding Picnic Table – Tips for buyingMy Profile

  5. Christine Luken says:

    I’ve learned that I have to work out first thing in the morning, or else I won’t get around to it. 🙂

  6. I needed to read this! My motivation has been zilch lately! Thanks for the kick in the pants!
    Michele Brosius recently posted…You Can Spin Into Action + Be Champions For Kids!My Profile

  7. monica says:

    I’m actually getting motivated to head to the gym right now. I feel so much better when I am actively working out – I love the inspiration here :).
    monica recently posted…Summer Chillin’ with Fruttare {Sponsored}My Profile

  8. Andy Hayes says:

    I love working out – since I work from home, it’s a good reason to take a midday break!
    Andy Hayes recently posted…Luxe Up Your Lunch: Wagyu Beef Patty Melt RecipeMy Profile

  9. This was quite timely for me! I’ve been meaning to get back into exercising but always blame my lack of motivation on being too busy. Need to get back into the groove! Thanks for the nudge.
    Debbie Miller recently posted…How One Destination is Rockin’ Social MediaMy Profile

  10. Laura says:

    I started getting back into sports with yoga. Loved that as an entry sport. Now we’re also trying to walk for an hour a day
    Laura recently posted…Top 10 Tips on Authentic Grandparenting (rerun)My Profile

  11. tabitha vos says:

    This post is very true. I think parents lead by example. Thanks for posting this!
    tabitha vos recently posted… Is a great place for electronic accessoriesMy Profile

  12. Thanks for sharing some good tips on getting back into the exercise game. I need them.
    Janeane Davis recently posted…Make Your Business To Be Successful – Work According To A PlanMy Profile

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