“What made me love thee?”

Men are not quite as vocal as we are. But for this post, I will prove you wrong. A man can express himself if need be.

This is a valentine tribute to a very special lady, Dra. Talat Fatima who’s blessed with such loving and amazing husband, Dr. Shamim Anwar. He graced this post without having second thoughts. Allow me to share with you a letter full of love, beautifully written from the heart.


What made me love thee?
Let that persuade thee there’s something extraordinary in thee,
I cannot: but I love thee; none but thee; and thou deserves it. (William Shakespeare)
All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me. (William Shakespeare)


The time that you have spent with me and dedicated to home to make it a wonderful place to live in during all these years is really commendable.
I may have a problem with my memory but all those times no matter how low or high when we were together, are the best kept treasure within my heart. Even though I never express my feelings to you – I know I am very bad in that – but having a long night-chats over weekends, dinner gossips every night and struggling with kids to find some time chatting with you, although I am not very fond of coffee still enjoying it talking with you on window are those instances that may show how much more graceful you’ve grown that made me more attracted toward you.
Why I am speechless when I think about your contribution to my life? Why I am thoughtless when I think how I would repay it? Why I get distressed when I feel I am alone? Why I like teasing you? Why I love making you irritated and then try to cover up? Why I feel a sense of belonging when I get angry with you? Why it was you only on the face earth, in front of whom, I have let my tears flow? Why my creativity quotient becomes ‘zero’ when I try to compare you with anyone? Why it was your hand only that I touched for the first time in my life? And why it is my burning desire that it must be your hand only that I touch when I leave this world?
The answer is quite easy – because you are like blood in my body, an inherent part of my life. You are so lovely, incomparable, unique and affable person. In fact, you are a beautiful gift of God that He bestowed on me.
I don’t know what better way to say ‘I love you’ but yes, I have my very own style where my eyes work better than my tongue to transmit the signals that directly hit your heart.


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