Singing Christmas carols with cousins

Finally! The rain stopped yesterday night! Now we can sing Christmas carols to our neighbors until Christmas. We are very interested with this idea because mum said people will give us money if we sing Christmas songs to them. At first we can not really understand how do we do it. I heard my little bro asked mum about it, “is it a singing contest?” My kuya is also wondering and asking, “mum, do we need to dance when we sing?”

Tito Dennis and Tita Maneth made a beautiful instrument from bottle caps. It sounded like tambourine when you shake it. I want to bring it to my school and show it to my friends. Thank you Tito Dennis and Tita Maneth!


The first song mum taught us was “thank you, thank you, ambabait ninyo thank you” (you are very kind) but I heard other kids singing “thank you, thank you, thank you very much thank you” – I counted 4 thank you words in it!

I had fun singing with my cousins too. Their names are Ate Nikki and Ate Louie. This is the first time we sing together.

We are very lucky because even if we are not really good in singing, our aunts, their names are Tita Linda, Tita Arnie, my grandma and even Tita Maneth gave us money. Later we will practice and really, we will do our best. Salamat po!

Children carol for Christmas and money.
Don’t worry, we will spend the money wisely.

Advent Calendar for Kids

This season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus.

My Little Advent Booklet courtesy of the Holy Trinity Church

My Little Advent Booklet courtesy of the Holy Trinity Church

My boy went home with a little advent booklet from his class. It includes some important prayers and scriptures that a kid should know, and most importantly, it also shares a story about the birth of baby Jesus.

But there’s a special page which I find interesting to share with you- the advent calendar.


It encourages your children to do a simple act of kindness each day, to all the people around them.

The advent calendar courtesy of the Holy Trinity Church

The advent calendar courtesy of the Holy Trinity Church

December (first week of advent starting 30th November, Sunday)

1 (Monday) – I will give a smile to all I meet today

2 (Tuesday) – I will make a special effort to be kind to those I find it hard to like.

3 (Wednesday) – I will obey my parents, my teachers, and other in charge of me.

4 (Thursday) – I will try to show special love for someone who seems unhappy and lonely.

5 (Friday) – I will secretly do a kind act for someone.

6 (Saturday) – I will work hard today and do my best.


Time and again, I am being reminded by my children how exciting this season is. It’s 21 days closer ’til the birth of our baby Jesus, and I know each kid is as excited as them too. I hope that you agree with me, that not every month felt a lot like Christmas.  Take time to share this calendar to your family and loved ones. Let’s bring back the old Christmas spirit.




We would like to give credits to Ms. Fanny and her co-teachers.  Thanks for spreading the love.

Today is December 1st… Don’t forget to spread the love… starting right now!

What happened to the months of  January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November?
I know, I have been terribly busy taking care of my family and that’s just it. Time flies by so quickly, the year is almost complete but something ELSE is missing.

Ah! Christmas! Your thoughts, exactly. The season of cheers.


And so, starting today, the first of December, I will go the extra mile (okay maybe I’m a little exagg), er, extra step to
build friendship
give hope
or learn from other people.

We have been blessed and surrounded by such loving and supportive family and friends and now it’s time to pay it forward.

This is my last chance to be good this year or else, I’ll be out on Santa’s lists! No more excuses, spread the love,  starting right now! ^_^