Quips, Slips and Shockers

I have to write this to remember. These quips, slips and shockers from my kids  gave me the biggest laugh thus far.


source: how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com

Ethan was writing a journal entry for school.

E: Mommy, I will write, “I had sandwich for breakfast.”

M: Okay sure.

E: How do you spell sandwich?

M: You spell it.

E: S-A-N-D…  How about I just write bread?




source: iconarchive.com

Sofie found a dollar on the bed.

S: Mommy, I found a dollar.

M: Put it in your piggy bank.

S: Mommy if I find again, I just keep it?

M: Yes. You just keep it.

S: So I just keep  all the time without telling?



I talked to my son and explained to him why I got angry that night. Basing from the tone of his voice, he was angry at me too.

Ethan:  You are saying you’re not going to say sorry to me?

Me: Yes. I love you but I’m not going to say sorry to you. Think about what you did.

The frown on his face and the silence went longer than I expected. After a moment he looked at me and told me-

Ethan: How about this, you won’t say sorry to me but you will not get angry if I have many mistakes in my test the other day?

with wrong marks


And my most favorite of all…


Ethan was quiet the whole time while I was having a conversation with the rest of his siblings. I was explaining the difference between “passing-out and passing-away.”

Me: Passing out is like you just went to sleep right away, but people can still wake you up. It happens when you feel so dizzy and you suddenly fall asleep. You are unconscious.

Passing away is not waking up anymore.

Sofie: But some people who passed out, they can pass away also?

Me: Yes. That’s why it is important to observe the person when they passed out, when you’re not sure, wake them up until they become conscious.

Ethan jumped in the conversation and hugged me tight.

Ethan: Oh Mommy I don’t want you to pass away… I just only want you to pass out.

source: abesheet.com





Our kids say the darndest things

How’s your day going? Mine’s pretty busy. I have chores, some little time to steal with the hubs, friends to catch up with, and a handful of children to take care

I know this sounds cliche, but I’m really enjoying it. The moment I opened my eyes, since Ethan’s day 1, was a life changer.
Now I breathe, eat, live, love, pray (and sometimes, I even think) like a child.
And to have my naughty smarty parts around, are to have my little pick-me-ups…



One day, my daughter and I were getting ready for an exercise, she went inside the room to get her younger brother join us… this is what I’ve heard behind the door…

Sofie: Zacki wake up! Let’s exercise!


I gave my children some ice pops (frozen juice in a plastic tube, like a popsicle) for a snack, the little boy dropped it, I have to wash away the dirt, and got so conscious that I sponge the ice pops with a dishwashing soap.

Zac: Mom, why did you put soap on my ice pops?
I answered him trying to find my words…
Mommy: So that it will be…
Zac: Tasty?


We parents like to play pretend to test our children. I did a little stunt and pretended to faint lying down flat on the floor… my son went to me right away, went right to my face then said…
Zac: Mommy… you want me to call 911now?


I was watching an American TV series, when my daughter came up to me.
Sofie: (pointing to the TV) I don’t like that show, it’s just a “Normal Type”
Maybe she got this from watching too much pokemon movies…


In one of the playgrounds near our home, there is a structure made of several knotted ropes like a spider’s web for children to climb.
One day, my little guy was trying to convince me to go the playground to show me this excitedly.
Zac: Mom, come on, let’s go, I’ll show you my “super cool WEBSITE!”


Whenever I listen to these kids talk, they bring me a breath of fresh air.

How about you, can you share with us some of your funny conversations you’ve had with a kid?