Being a “MOTHER”


Yesterday, we’ve had the opportunity to share very inspiring thoughts imparted by some lovely mothers from different walks of life.  We were empowered and amazed by their heartfelt words;  and we promised to give you more…

Let us listen once again from these God-sent angels whom we call “MOTHER…”


Mommy Romelia with Baby Jacob, Jeromee and Jerald

Mommy Romelia  with Baby Jacob, Jeromee and Jerald , CA, USA

Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding duty you can ever accomplish as a woman.          The love for your child is unconditional, pure and selfless. You don’t think about yourself anymore, it’s all about your children. You sacrifice things for your children. Being a mother does not stop when your kids are adults. From their very first step, their first prom, and the time that they too will become a parent…you’re there with a big smile and excitement. You are their biggest cheerleader. I may be the silliest and most exaggerated at times. I get teary eyed when I’m proud, I will not sleep or rest till all my kids are home, and I worry all the time.

There were no instructions on ‘being a mother’, you learn throughout the way, you learn it from each other. For every boo-boos, cries, giggles and disappointments… mom will always be there.

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“Being a MOTHER…”

The world needs good moms.  My husband has always said –  “The number of good people is directly proportional to the number of good parents.”  And while the father figure is usually the protector and disciplinarian of the children, it is from mothers that they first feel unconditional love, sincere care and the compassion that they would nurture and carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives.  For these blessings, we thank all the wonderful mothers everywhere, who make our world a better place, one family at a time.

And as the celebrated day for honoring mothers is just around the corner, let us take the time to hear it straight from them, what it truly means to be a “Mom”.  Here are the thoughts of some of the numerous lovely moms, whom we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. 



Mommy Linda with Ryan and Allan Tizon

Mommy Linda with Ryan and Allan Tizon, PH

Being a mother to me is everything. It means loving my two boys unconditionally, giving them both my utmost respect and trust. I have seen, as they grow older, that they have personalities of their own, so I’ve prepared myself for any changes in our relationship. I thought of building such a relationship according to ‘my’ plan, but I’ve seen that it’s not doable. Our paths may divide and what I thought at first was the right direction might be wrong… so I let them go and discover their paths on their own.  I allowed them to make their own mistakes, and also reap and experience their own triumphs.  Eventually, I just realized each one of us is now closer to each other, and our bond of love and respect has grown stronger. My life as a mother has been full of tears…tears of sadness and tears of happiness.  I cried at my children’s wins and successes, and I cried much harder over their disappointments and failures. I let them keep and savor their wins to themselves, BUT I CLAIMED AND KEPT TO MYSELF all of their sadness and failures, and treated such as my own.

Thanks for asking this question, because at this very moment, I am shedding my tears just thinking and realizing about how magnificent my DEAREST Allan and Ryan have become, and how proud I am, knowing these two young boys are mine.

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