Being a “MOTHER”


Yesterday, we’ve had the opportunity to share very inspiring thoughts imparted by some lovely mothers from different walks of life.  We were empowered and amazed by their heartfelt words;  and we promised to give you more…

Let us listen once again from these God-sent angels whom we call “MOTHER…”


Mommy Romelia with Baby Jacob, Jeromee and Jerald

Mommy Romelia  with Baby Jacob, Jeromee and Jerald , CA, USA

Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding duty you can ever accomplish as a woman.          The love for your child is unconditional, pure and selfless. You don’t think about yourself anymore, it’s all about your children. You sacrifice things for your children. Being a mother does not stop when your kids are adults. From their very first step, their first prom, and the time that they too will become a parent…you’re there with a big smile and excitement. You are their biggest cheerleader. I may be the silliest and most exaggerated at times. I get teary eyed when I’m proud, I will not sleep or rest till all my kids are home, and I worry all the time.

There were no instructions on ‘being a mother’, you learn throughout the way, you learn it from each other. For every boo-boos, cries, giggles and disappointments… mom will always be there.


Mommy Lourdes with Jenny and Vincent Sheker

Mommy Lourdes with Jenny and Vincent Sheker, PH

“Being a mother to me is a life of lasting LOVE and SACRIFICE. Only the mother knows what she can do for her children. And what children do not know, perhaps, is that “a mother identifies herself with them”. Hers also is their success or failure. Hers is their pains and joys. And the feeling doesn’t stop regardless of their age and status. It stops after her last breath. Motherhood is the best thing God has created on earth. It is the highest manifestation of His love on earth.


Mommy Jovet with Arielle and Gabriel Magana

Mommy Jovet with Arielle and Gabriel Magana, CA, USA

For me, being a mother of three kids is a very wonderful and achieving moment in my life. I always make sure that my kids are in the right path, with unconditional love.


Mommy Reg with Josh O'Brien, AU

Mommy Reg with Josh O’Brien, AU

My son always ask me, ” How much do you love me, Ma ?” And I said, ” I love you once, i love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.” And he got a smile on his face.


Mommy Jem with Baby Euanne, EJ, Jejeboy

Mommy Jem with Earl Jaden, Ethan Jeremy,  and baby Euanne Jade Zabat, AU

Being a mother made me realized how much more I didn’t know…

That you can get by without combing your hair all day;
A bag of chips or a bar of chocolate is a good trade for 15 minutes of silence;
6 hours of sleep is a luxury!
Eating spaghetti and fried chicken 5 times a week isn’t as bad as one would think;
Watching the same episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse 3 times in a row can still be fun;
And losing your mind is something to be proud of.

I don’t think there is such a thing as too hard or too far when it is for my kids. It’s mind boggling to think how much strength one can get from such little creatures.


Mommy Christine with Juliana, Joseph, Cammille and Daddy Richard Villarama

Mommy Christine with Juliana, Joseph, Camille and Daddy Richard Villarama, SG

Being a mother is essentially immeasurable.  I want to be there by the time my children wake up in the morning, up to the minute they recite their evening prayers… and a thousand more in between… everyday.  It’s a lifetime commitment to provide an utmost unconditional love.



Mommy Jenny with Baby Mikay and Daddy Mike Amarillo

Mommy Jenny with Baby Mikay and Daddy Mike Amarillo, PH 

For me, being a mother is the most challenging role one can fill yet it’s the most wonderful and most fulfilling role that a woman can have.  To nurture a life so delicate and to bring up a child in the fear of the Lord is not an easy task, but it’s a humbling experience every time.  For me, it’s just pure joy to be a mom.


Mommy Florie with Baby Renzo Manicad

Mommy Florie with Baby Renzo Manicad, SG

For me, being a mom is the fulfillment of my existence.  Motherhood gives me reason to love life more, and to appreciate every little aspect of life.  Since I became a mom, every single minute of life is golden.  I thank God for giving me the most wonderful gift… my everything, my Renzo.



Mommy Veron with Maika, Hans and Nikko

Mommy Veron with Maika, Nikko and Hans Seraspi, SG

Being a mom is God’s biggest blessing to me.  With the love and laughter that fills our home every single day, I thank Him everyday for the miracle He has entrusted me with.


Mommy Pia with Lara Samantha Moser

Mommy Pia with Lara Samantha Moser, Salzburg, Austria

Defining “Motherhood” is actually, virtually endless.  For me, the happiest, most fulfilling moment of my life is the moment that I saw my daughter after giving birth.  Being a mother is being “prepared”… prepared, physically, emotionally and mentally, because motherhood for me is about sacrifice.  For example, there are times that you must sacrifice your ‘wants and needs’ for your child’s ‘wants and needs’.  There is so much to say about being a mother, but the most important for me is that a mother must be a protector, teacher, disciplinarian, who gives unconditional love to her child.  I am not a perfect mom, but every day is a challenge for me to become a good Mother, a role model, and most especially, a friend.


Mommy Elnora Vinola-Lao with Yssabelle, CA, USA

Mommy Elnora Vinola-Lao with Yssabelle, CA, USA

A mother should be a lighting guide to her children… a guide, not a dictator. I let my daughter grow, and have her own decisions but I’m always there to guide her on the right path, because I believe that the best lessons are learned through experience.


Mommy Brenda Gacho and family

Mommy Brenda with Daddy Edgar, Elijah, Elisha, Bboy and Choc Gacho, SG

Being a mother is being a superwoman … Especially for those full-time moms!


Mommy Margie Mabilin with Adrianne and Baby Marianne

Mommy Margie Mabilin with Adrianne and Baby Marianne, PH

Being a mother is expecting many changes like a new baby… a new body, less sleeping time, and less free-time. But becoming a mother is a wonderful, exhilarating experience. Raising children brings new meaning to every moment of our lives, and depth to our experiences as a human being. It also requires a revolutionary change, not only in the way we live our day-to-day life, but it alters our very identity as a person.


Mommy Analiza with Akin and Aban Sabong

Mommy Analiza with Akin and Aban Sabong, PH 

” Being a Mother always has to think twice… once for herself and once for her children.”


Mommy Penny with Luis, Anika and Baby Ethan Sena, SG

Mommy Penny with Luis, Anika and Baby Ethan Sena, SG

Becoming a mother is the most beautiful and joyful thing that ever happened to me. It adds more meaning to my life by inspiring me to do things I would never have done if I was not the mother of my children.  If I where to live all over again, I would still want to become a mother to these three beautiful kids!


Mommy Ghenn with Baby Gabriel Bagagnan, Dubai

Mommy Ghenn with Baby Gabriel Bagagnan, Dubai

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling experiences a girl can have. It is indeed the highest paid job in the world because you will have multiple professions to perform. You will have to be a nurse, a professor, a chef, an entertainer, an accountant, a nutritionist, a security, a caregiver, and a fan for most of the time, as your child grows. Being a mother is one of the most important things that happened to me which I will never ever regret. I will always be proud to be a mother to my precious little girl, and to my little boy who will be seeing the world so soon.


 mummy nhung with daddy oo, thiri and kelvin swe

Mommy Nhung with Thiri, Kelvin and Daddy Kyaw Swe Oo, SG

A mother holds the key to a child’s heart. No matter how hard it is to nurture a child, she does not stop loving her children.


Mommy Christine with Caleb Marvin and Alaina Eve Advincula, CA,USA

Mommy Christine with Caleb Marvin and Alaina Eve Advincula, CA,USA

To me, being a mother simply means being a servant.  It is not by being a slave, but by serving with a willing heart.  You give all that you can, and all that you are to your children.  It is a selfless act. Being a mother doesn’t just make you the first teacher of your kids, it is YOU who will learn from them. Being a mother means ‘fearless love’.  You protect your children will all your might.  Being a mother also means being a child.  When the weight upon your shoulder is too heavy and you cannot carry on, you can become a child once again by running to God…leaving all the burdens to Him, and He will exchange it with peace… because a mother will never be a mother, unless she is empowered by God.


Mommy Didit with Harmony Advincula

Mommy Didit with Harmony Advincula, CA, USA 

Being a mother to my daughter is a daily decision.  There are days when I pass with flying colors, and there are days when I fail miserably.  But one thing’s for sure… without the grace of God, I cannot do it on my own.


Mommy Jaynet with Baby EJ, PH

Mommy Jaynet with Baby EJ Tan, PH

Being a mom to EJ is the best job I’ve ever had.

It has taught me the meaning of unconditional love and how it works.


Soon-to-be Mommy Leonida Marie Galicia

Soon-to-be-Mommy Leonida Marie P. Galica, PH

Being a mother means giving up anything and everything for your child. For others, it’s called sacrifice but for mothers, it’s called love.  When I was still single there are things that I couldn’t give up. But the moment I learned that I was pregnant, I gave them up instantly because I want the best for my daughter.


Mommy Jennileth and Baby Lily Smajlovic

Mommy Jennileth and Baby Lily Smajlovic, Dubai

Being a mom is being ‘that’ person my kid needs me to be. It will never be the easiest role but it will always be the best one.


Mommy Eci with Baby Jerci Ramos Cabanlong

Mommy Eci with Jerci Patricia Cabanlong, PH

Being a mother is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, which not every woman can have. For this, I am always thankful to Lord God for letting me experience this fulfilling and joyful stage of my life, and more grateful that He has blessed me with a very beautiful child.


Mommy Judelyn with Trisha Andrea Moriah, Timothy Andre Micaiah and Daddy Chito Pachica, Dubai

Mommy Judelyn with Trisha Andrea, Timothy Andre and Daddy Chito Pachica, Dubai

Being a mother is a gift from God and a great privilege given to some. Being entrusted to carry life for 9 months and to care for a child for the rest of your life means that God has loved you so much to entrust you this much responsibility, so this love must radiate to everyone especially to your kids.


Mommy Lizz with Francine, Felicity, Felippe and Daddy Christopher Israel

Mommy Lizz with Francine, Felicity, Felippe and Daddy Chris Israel

Being a mother is a lifetime commitment. It is a selfless and difficult career, no break, no day off, not even a single leave of absence.


Mommy Gelyn Mourta and Baby B.A.

Mommy Gelyn Mourta and Baby Benj Austin, Greece

Being a mother is an extraordinary and priceless job; it has no boundaries, no limitations, no endings. A mother is an instrument of human life who nurtures undying love, understanding and care. She is always there to protect you, to guide you, to carry you, to lift you and standby you no matter when, no matter what. She is always ready to conquer everything and offer you the best in life. Being a mother signifies the power of bringing out the best in her child. And most of all, being a mother completes the meaning of being a woman….


Mommy Honeylet with Ygue and Miggy

Mommy Honeylet with Yosef Miguel and Yeshua Gabriel Santos, PH

Motherhood is a tough 24/7 job. The difficulty of conception, the pain that you have to endure during labor and childbirth, these will all vanish once you have in your arms that “little-one” who you’ve carried in your womb for 9 months.

Being a mother means giving yourself, your “wholeness” for the welfare of your beloved children



Mommy Jinky with Jamilla Saquing

Mommy Jinky with Jamilla Saquing, PH

Being a mother is the greatest thing that has happened to me.  I’ve learned a lot from it… how to appreciate, be considerate, and be patient.  To love unconditionally, be over-protective, have faith in God, and a lot more things that I learned in my life.  I am very proud being a mother… not that perfect, but giving the best that I can be for my children.


Mommy Malou with Aya and Zeb Usana

Mommy Malou with Aya and Zeb Usana, PH

Being a mother is a lifetime commitment to God & to my children… to love, guide & protect them.


Mommy Katrina with Reanna Annika Nicolas, PH

Mommy Katrina with Reanna Annika Nicolas, PH


Para sa akin ang pagiging isang Ina ay isang propesyon, isang trabaho na dapat gampanan sa araw araw, kinakailangan nito ng mga iba’t-ibang sangkap tulad ng pagsasakripisyo, pagmamahal at pangangalaga sa buong pamilya. Kinakailangan na palaging maging matatag at malakas ang loob ng isang ina dahil sa kanya lamang kumukuha ng lakas at tapang ang kanyang mga anak, kahit ang kanyang kabiyak. Kailangan na maging isang mabuting huwaran kami pra sa aming mga anak. Bukod dun, ang pagiging isang Ina ay hindi makukumpleto kung hindi siya marunong lumapit, tumawag at magpasalamat sa Poong Maykapal.



Mommy Jonalyn Paderes with Baby KID

Mommy Jonalyn Paderes with Baby KID, PH

Being a mother is giving unconditional love to your children. Yan ang ibinigay sa akin ng nanay ko at yan din ang ibibigay ko kay Kid. Mahirap maging isang ina, lalo na kung single-parent na katulad ko, pero dahil mahal ko ang anak ko, lahat ay kakayanin ko para kay Kid.



Tina Aurelio-de Guzman and kids, PH

Mommy Tina Aurelio de Guzman with Lee and Ken, PH 

Being a mother for me means being there every time and in every way possible. Being a constant reminder that whatever life brings to them, everything will still be alright because Mommy is here, and will always be here.


Mommy Mary Ann Manlangit with Ryann, Lowell, Reagan and Katkat

Mommy Mary Ann Manlangit with Ryann, Lowell, Reagan and Katkat, SG

Being A mother is being selfless, a person who sacrifices many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children.  A mother works hard to make sure their child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make it as a competent human being.  Being a mother is perhaps the hardest, most rewarding job a woman will ever experience…

To my kids, hope you understand why mommy chose to work here in Singapore… I want to be with you guys every moment of your life.. I want to watch how all of you grows… But the most important to me is your FUTURE!  Konting tiis Lang.. Mommy loves you!


Mommy Genelou and Lance Bagayao

Mommy Genelou with Lance Bagayao, SG 

For me, motherhood is being a child once again.  It’s a form of realization — that’s how the world rotates itself, making each one of us a better person… through patience, understanding, love and care.


Mommy Merly with Sarabjeet, Gelo, Kate, and Baldwin Singh

Mommy Merly with Sarabjeet, Gelo, Kate and Baldwin Singh, SG

Being a Mother is not a “Big Joke…” It is a path full of challenges yet it gives you happiness!


Mommy Arl with Adrian, Cassie and Aubrey Dantes

Mommy Arlene with Adrian, Cassie and Aubrey Dantes, CA

For me, being a mother is probably the hardest underpaid job anyone can ever do. It’s hard, I’m not going to lie.  It takes a lot of patience and sacrifices.  I laughed, I cried, I even scared my pants off. And there were times when I asked myself “what did I get myself into?” But, no matter how hard and tiring it is, it’s all worth it. You will never know how much love a person could give until you become a mother.  I’ve been through a lot.  I did a lot of crazy regretful things.  There’s so much in my life that I wish I can go back and change. But, having children, being a mother is the one and only thing I will never ever give up.
So, when people ask me how do I do it?  I do it with love….That’s how.


Mommy Maricris with Sophia and Otep Arce

Mommy Maricris with Sophia and Otep Arce, PH

Being a mother is an opportunity and a great job, despite of the hardship and pain,                                LOVE is still there ABOVE ALL…


Mommy Tess with baby Theo and PJ Nicolas

Mommy Tess with Baby Theo and PJ Nicolas, PH

I had my son at a young age.  Motherhood changed me. Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me.

M – More than anything else. My kids complete me.

O- Opportunity. My children are the most important work/job. They’re Priceless.

T – True meaning of LOVE. Unconditional love

H – Hard work. Being a mother you will know what multi-tasking is.

E – Everything. Being a mother means being creative;

       Being resourceful and being a natural problem solver.

R – Rewarding. It’s a fulfillment of being a woman.

I love our children more than

       anything in life. No matter the cost or sacrifice.


Mommy Cathy with Jared Mayuga

Mommy Catherine with Jared Mayuga, NY, USA

Being a mother to me means to always love, care for my family and be there to help my children and husband understand what is life and how to live it with knowledge and gratitude to our Lord Almighty.


Mommy Jona with Baby Zafi, Jury and Daddy Jeff Pogoso

Mommy Jona with Baby Zafi, Jury and Daddy Jeff Pogoso, PH

The word mother is the other meaning of the word love.

A mother’s love is never-ending… the task of nurturing a child is not easy, but we take it, and we live with it, with the wholeness of our being. That’s how wonderful a mother is…


Mommy Doris with MJ, Joy, Jury, Jeff, Paula, Zack, Rizeth, Ethan, Ken, Sofie, Joana and Joshua Usana

Mommy Doris with MJ, Joy, Jury, Jona, Jeff, Paula, Rizeth, Zack, Ethan, Ken, Sofie, Patty and Joshua Usana, USA

MOTHERHOOD is a learning process. Mothers learn from their kids too. They teach us how to be patient and how to give unconditional love.  As a mother, I’m not always 100% sure that I am making the right decisions all the time, but the faith and courage I have, has helped me become stronger, especially during trials. Children teach us to continue experiencing new things. We need to remain like a child at heart, and not lose the innate curiosity, inquisitiveness and passion we once had. Being a mother is the hardest yet most fulfilling job… to learn the true meaning of life, joy, and to learn to be selfless.


We are grateful that our Almighty Father has given us the privilege to meet these wonderful mommies, who have not only been an inspiration to their children but to people around them as well.  We honor this day for having received one of life’s wonderful blessings… a mother.

And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for making this world a better place.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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